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5 classic NYC Burgers you have to eat

October 23rd, 2014 by Richard Chudy
This is a guest post by Rev Ciancio, director of marketing at Burger Maker and the founder of The Burger Week, a 7 day series of events celebrating all things hamburger. 
While I’ve spent a lot of time in Boston, I really haven’t eaten a lot of Burgers there. In fact, at this point, it’s one of those cities where I wouldn’t really be able to even give someone a list of recommendations off the top of my head. When I am in need of Burger knowledge in Beantown, one of my sources is the Boston Burger Blog. Richard’s passion for a good Burger and a desire to share them creates a great source of knowledge for those looking to get Boston Burger Crazy. When Richard and I decided to create some content for each other, I thought to myself what would I want to know from him that would help me to determine where I should eat Burgers in Boston. Do I want the latest and greatest or am I looking to go old school? Am I interested in the hippest spots? Am I looking for some fancy Chef driven gourmet Burgers? Well the answers to all of those questions are basically some form of yes, however it’s not where I would want to get started. I want to eat where it started. I want to chow down on the Burgers that make Boston a Burger town. Give me the Classics. Show me the old school joints that have been setting the Burger pace for years and years because having a foundation is an important way to start anything. So with that, allow me to do that for you about the city I call home, New York City. 

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Precinct Kitchen + Bar

October 21st, 2014 by Richard Chudy


The places I go to review are rarely, if ever, random. I stay as current as I can with online burger chatter, professional reviews or readers’ suggestions to me. A recent Chowhound post pointed me in the direction of Precinct Kitchen + Bar at the Loews Hotel in the Back Bay. Available at the bar only, the $14 burger hits what it needs to hit on paper, sounding quasi high end but with an affordability to go along with it. Vegas Burger Blog and I went out for a little brotherly burger research, to hopefully add another go-to burger spot to our list.  continue reading »


October 13th, 2014 by Richard Chudy


Hey look, another Shake Shack look alike. I’m not talking the specific model, of course; fast causal burger and shake places far pre-date Shake Shack. But in terms of the actual color schemes and physical look and feel of the space, BurgerFi is far from original. The process is basic: you order at a counter with options aplenty, a few minutes pass and the food is ready. See, that’s not so hard, is it? BurgerFi, based out of Florida and with locations across the country, has the premise that they set themselves apart with different topping options from their competitors. That may be true, with options like neon relish, salt and vinegar chips and Peter Luger steak sauce all optional add-ons; some are free, some are an extra dollar. Pre-arranged burgers are limited (with a “secret” menu also available if you are in the know) to fairly normal options, and the menu is rounded out with the usual fries, onion rings, sodas, concretes and custards.  continue reading »

Let’s talk about food!

September 23rd, 2014 by Richard Chudy

The 3rd annual Let’s Talk About Food Festival—the region’s largest outdoor food celebration event returns to Copley Sq. this weekend. The free festival, which was founded by local journalist Louisa Kasdon, features discussions with experts on current food issues such as sustainability and GMOs, live interactive cooking demonstrations with local and celebrity chefs, kid friendly activities, healthy food sampling—all designed to change how we eat, grow, cook, buy, and sell food in the community.

I am completely humbled and honored to be judging the “Earth and Turf” burger competition among some of the top chefs in Boston. The chefs will be challenged to create their version of the “Earth and Turf” burger— a burger that has a lighter carbon footprint by using 20% less ground beef, but still satisfies even the most self-proclaimed meat lovers. This is not your average burger competition. Participants include: Tony Maws, Craigie On Main and Kirkland Tap and Trotter; Chris Coombs, Deuxave, Boston Chops and dbar; and Tony Rosenfeld, B.Good;. The burger recipes will go on the menus of each participating chef and will also be published on Boston.Com.  This is going to be a great event and hope to see you all there!

Thumbs up, thumbs down

September 14th, 2014 by Richard Chudy

Sometimes, a quick detour away from the burger game might need to be in order. I don’t need to delve too far into the review game aside from burgers, nor do I intend to. But every now and then I have some opinions on things (shocking) that have nothing to do with our dear burger (even more shocking).

I haven’t gone out quite as much lately, but a quick thumbs up, thumbs down:

Thumbs Up: Rialto. I’d only been once, and had a ho-hum burger experience years ago. But a few weeks ago with my sister in town, we sat at the bar, had a few stellar bites and solid cocktails, and were on our way. For a mere $15 we enjoyed Arancini, Duck Pate and Stuffed Fried Olives. Jody was in the house which was nice to see, and it was the perfect, laid-back setting we needed and the food was as delicious as can be.

Thumbs Down: La Brasa. The menu reads so well but it fell very short for me. Even though it looks like every other restaurant nowadays, I still dig the look. On a recent Saturday night we sampled a number of dishes, all missing the same ingredient across the board: salt. It’s amazing how often this seemingly simple aspect trips up major restaurants constantly. Two carrots split in half and served with a watery, one-note mole´ain’t gonna cut it. Neither will $17 for one piece of over-cooked fried chicken, or $8 for about a cup of uninspired and greasy fried rice. But apparently I’m on the outside looking in, because media darlings, bloggers and the like seem to love it.

I don’t believe in off-nights, I believe in the power of consistency. Not the easiest feat to achieve I realize, is one visit fair to write something off? Maybe, maybe not.

Brass Union

September 11th, 2014 by Richard Chudy

Brass Union

Is there too much stock put into cooking a burger to the requested doneness? Maybe, maybe not. It’s an area that is a hot button issue for burger enthusiasts, because if you are going to be cooking copious amounts of burgers at your restaurant, you should probably be nailing the temps on a consistent basis. If you order a steak and it is not cooked the want you wanted it, it’s getting sent back, one would presume, but burgers sometimes get a free pass. Maybe it’s a price issue with burgers being on the more affordable spectrum (usually), so it’s less of an issue. Where am I going with this? I lean somewhere on the side that it has to be more about the general flavor and enjoyment of the overall burger. Do I want my burger cooked a perfect medium-rare? No doubt about it, and the better spots will hit that temp each and every time, and I’d be foolish into trying to convince you that it’s not a factor in my overall grading scale, because it absolutely is. However, if the burger is juicy, seasoned and has the proper meat to bun ratio, I’ll take that over a perfectly executed patty with no seasoning or substance. Long story short, and I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this, Brass Union in Somerville makes a very tasty burger, but on this inaugural visit, medium-rare it was not.  continue reading »