Overall Thoughts

July 10th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

I admit that I’m still not sure what this site is going to be all about. When we started, I imagined we would search for that perfect burger, start in Greater Boston and work our way through the country when we could. But its tough. I don’t know that the perfect burger is out there, I mean, is the¬†DB Burger really a burger?

To be fair, we need to look at two categories; the gourmet style (to me, any established restaurant that happens to serve a burger, by all means not fast-food) and the fast-food offerings, which is what I will always favor. At this stage, I think I’m more interested in just sampling every burger possible, ranking them as I taste (burger of the month style possibly, http://www.burgerrankings.com/) and going from there. I firmly believe that Boston is in need of a legitimate food review source. What do we have now? Phantom Gourmet, Yelp, or Zagat? None of these are credible to me, so why not me? I trust my palate, I am professionally trained and I do have an opinion, so take it for what its worth. Or don’t.

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