Salt, people.

July 13th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

Is it that hard to season food correctly? I’m becoming tired of food that has no salt, no flavor. You want to open a restaurant? Fine, but learn some basic skills first. You want to call yourself a burger joint? Fine, but please cook burgers to order, each and every time. It’s not complicated, use some Kosher salt or some Sea Salt, and get back to me when you figure it all out.

It’s tricky to cook a West-Coast style burger to order. In most cases, while I do want a burger cooked medium-rare, its more about how it tastes. I personally feel that a medium-rare burger tastes the best, and is also a bit of a test to all the chefs out there to see if they can cook it properly. I fully realize that correctly seasoning food is one of the hardest things, if not the hardest, to master. But if someone is going to charge people for food, they’d better be able to pull it off.

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