Eagles Deli and Restaurant

July 31st, 2009 by Richard Chudy

I had been warned prior to eating here that the burgers were no good, “I’d rather have a Big Mac” they cried. Surely, a place that Boston magazine had recognized as having the best Burgers in Boston in 2006 (must have been a slow year for burgers) would be good enough. They claim to be the second best place in the world to pig out, although I’m still trying to figure out what’s so appealing about that.

Eagles Deli is kind of gross, it’s a B.C. hangout I suppose, based more on location than anything, although I never really considered any part of Greater Boston a “college area,” with the possible exception of Harvard square, but even that is laced with tourists. In any event, the burgers here are bad, and let’s face it, there’s no effort here, clearly the burgers are pre-frozen, almost exactly what one would find at the grocery store. You know the one’s I’m talking about, pre-shaped patties that any “Joe the Plummer” can throw on the grill and look like a real man for “grilling.” But they don’t taste good, same deal with the fries, also pre-frozen. Like I said, no effort, not even real cooking. The restaurant is set up like a cafeteria essentially, with a few pimply faced college kids filling up the room. Sadly, most people, not just the impoverished co-eds, don’t know what a real burger is. I’m beginning to wonder if anyone in Boston does, for that matter. The cheese is unmelted, it comes on a very unflattering bun, with nothing else. If you want toppings you have to ask after it’s all cooked, and the line cooks are anything but cooperative. Everything is served on a plate that must be from the ’60’s, and it’s just an embarrassment all around.

They claim to be World Famous, but how? As I wrote previously in my blog, some places become famous for something, here, it’s for serving mammoth 5 pound burgers that come with 20 slices of cheese, 20 pieces of bacon and 5 pounds of fries. Hey, the guy on Man vs. Food came here, it must be great! The problem is, they become famous, and then what? Well, they stop caring about the food because it doesn’t matter anymore, although I can’t imagine a time when the food was ever good here. I have nothing else to say about Eagles Deli, its a greasy spoon, it’s not good, and I will never come back.

Overall Score: 55

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