Flippin’ Burgers (CLOSED)

July 13th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

Like Flat Patties before it, Flippin’ Burgers is essentially a little hole in the wall that is fast food at its finest. Admittedly I don’t prefer fast-food by any means, but in the world of burgers, quick and easy is the way to go. Nothing about this place is gourmet, it’s not all that clean, there’s literally two tables to eat, and they serve you the food then you’re on your own. The menu is straight forward, a few different burgers to chose from, fries or rings and that’s it.

I order the bacon cheeseburger with onions, lettuce, tomato, pickle and a house sauce that tasted like a honey mayo with Siracha, a nice kick indeed. Add to that an order of fries and a soda and I’m under $10, off to a good start. The burgers and fries are made to order, unfortunately mine doesn’t come at my medium-rare request, it’s medium at best. Why is it so hard for people to cook to the proper temperature? You’re a burger joint, this should be a slam-dunk! Despite this oversight, the burger is terrific, although the second I turn my back to grab a napkin it starts tumbling over, thanks to Nick for saving it from becoming a deconstructed burger. Upon first bite the juice starts flowing like a volcano, each bite yields perfection with full beef flavor, a delicious tang from the house sauce is evident, and I’m a happy camper. I wish the bun was at least warmed, and the cheese could have been melted a little more, but I’m happy, it’s easily the juiciest I’ve had yet, and very beefy. Flat Patties didn’t deliver a full-on beef assault, Flippin’ Burgers does.

We can get into the whole East Coast West Coast style debate all we want, and while it isn’t exactly a thin burger, its fast food, the bread and burger become one, and it’s simple. East meets West if nothing else, and quite frankly, I don’t care what the style is, just give me the best TASTING burger and I’ll give in, and so far, this is it. The fries are decent, not seasoned to my liking, but with a few sprinklings of salt they become addictive. The onion rings are sensational, thick and meaty, they don’t fall apart after the first bite, they hold their shape and deliver extra crispy texture and full onion flavor with every bite. One thing I must criticize is the cleanliness, and not just the decor and surroundings, but the two employees. I did not see any hand washing, even after one of them wiped his nose with his arm. And as I arrived, one of the cooks was sitting on the bench up front smoking and I could also detect a pack of cigarettes sitting in the very visible open kitchen. To be honest if I felt unfavorably about the food, maybe I’d be very unhappy with the cleanliness factor. But since I loved the burgers so much, I guess it kind of adds to the charm, a tiny little dump of a place in the middle of Newton Center, cheap burgers with fast service. But seriously, what could be better?!

Overall Score: 90

Apparently Flippin’ Burgers has closed, and will be re-opening with new ownership in a new burger/sandwich shop format. Too bad, they had a good product but the location stunk. It really is all about the location, no matter what business it is.

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