Franky ‘N the Boys (CLOSED)

August 14th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

Here we go again, another day, another burger. At this point, burgers are an addiction. It’s my drug of choice, and if I don’t have my fix by week’s end, I’m not a happy camper. I left Franky ‘N the Boys in Brookline Village still a little hungry and overall not completely satisfied. I’m not sure who decided 50’s and/or retro decor was cool again, but I’m not on-board. I hate to harbor on such a small thing, but to me if I even have to mention the decor, it’s probably a distraction and it’s probably not such a good thing. Some of the old looking posters are cool and all, but I hate the red and white atmosphere, it’s just not appealing.

But seriously, enough about that already. The server we had was great, very friendly, and since there was no one else there (1:45pm) we ordered quickly and waited for our burgers. For around $11 you can get a combo meal of sorts, in this case a double cheeseburger, fries and a soda, for some reason toppings, (pickles and onions!?) cost extra. I understand charging for some premium ingredients, like bacon perhaps (2 slices for a dollar here) but it is my right as a burger customer to have free onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato. Hey, it could be worse, we could be at R.F.O’Sullivans, where they really screw you.

Ordered medium-rare, the burger is rare, borderline raw, but I’m not pregnant so it’s all good. All good in the sense I’m not worried about getting sick, but not all good in that it’s yet another place that can’t cook a burger to order. Big surprise. The first thing that gets me is the amount of grease on the bun. What did they do, cook it with the fries in the oil? It’s beyond disgusting, a little grease I can handle, hell I even expect it, but I want my bun toasty, not soggy. I think there’s lettuce and tomato somewhere, but they’re lost with the excessive amounts of house sauce, which isn’t bad, actually pretty good, but there’s just way too much of it.

I was scared the burger would be dry, but it’s actually pretty juicy. In the not-so-open kitchen, the chef  is walking around with a huge spatula, primed to be flattening the meat repeatedly and losing all hopes of a juicy burger. This must be some way to express one’s masculinity, I guess, big spatula to make up for, well, you know. The meat does tastes pretty good and the house sauce (thousand island and mayo, how unoriginal) gives it decent flavor. It has a nice salty taste but being so rare, the meat is a bit squishy, clearly not ground in house, because if the meat were a bit coarser, this wouldn’t be a problem. The fries are crispy and all, but I’m not a ranch kind of guy, and I’m pretty sure these are seasoned with some sort of a ranch salt. The onion rings, while tasty, are not rings at all, more like onion strips. Someone needs to go to how to make a batter 101 school, because the batter has completely fallen off the onion to the point of no return, rings these are not.

This place was close, but its lows were very low, despite decent tasting meat, and it’s a real shame.

Overall Score: 78

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