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Miracle of Science Bar + Grill

September 28th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

At long last, a tasty burger. Okay, maybe it hasn’t been that long, Wild Willy’s was good enough, but it’s been some time since we’ve actually had a burger that I can honestly say was delicious outside of my own kitchen. It’s true Miracle of Science isn’t spectacular, there’s really two options (more if you factor in different cheeses) but it’s a cheeseburger done right, in it’s simplest form. continue reading »


September 25th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

Christopher's burgerI have to stop with the expectations. Whenever I have high hopes for a place (see:O’Sullivans or UBurger to start) I’m severely disappointed. I read “best of” lists or read a great review on Yelp or plain old word of mouth that gets me excited for a burger, but 9 times out of ten it’s just not very good. Christopher’s has all the accolades, in fact, Food Network recently claimed it to be the best burger in Massachusetts. But it’s painstakingly average, it’s a pub burger and no more. I love the location, it’s Cambridge, and the Porter Square area, and it brings back fond memories of culinary school for me as we used to frequent here for a drink or four after a hard day in the kitchen. Walking over to Christopher’s last night we walked by my alma mater and saw some hopeful culinary students in class, ah the memories. I was excited to be back in my old neighborhood and I was excited because I was so sure we were in for great burger. continue reading »

Wild Willy’s

September 23rd, 2009 by Richard Chudy

I was fooled before when I ate at UBurger, which I had always liked, but with my new-found eye of a critic, ultimately I was severely disappointed. I was hoping this would not happen at my visit to Wild Willy’s, which I have been to plenty of times before, it’s so close to where I live I can walk there, and I have always liked it. Sometimes I think it’s easier not to be so critical of things. I’m not limited to food, those who know me realize I am a critic of all things, anything is fair game, but I suppose being a professional chef gives me at least some credibility when it comes to reviewing restaurants. Sure I could just be easier, and really like everything, but then, what’s the fun in that? continue reading »

Busy Week

September 18th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

Sorry for the lack of activity lately, Nick is away, and although it may not look like he contributes much, (one column so far) he really is more influential than you think. He knows more historically about the hamburger than just about anyone out there, and constantly gives me ideas for the websites and my reviews. I really haven’t minded the break from burgers personally, although with the burger crawl looming, I’d better start stretching out my stomach now, and you should too. Please remember to r.s.v.p. somehow, either through our Facebook page or through email, so we can best organize and best notify the restaurants ahead of time of how many people are coming. In the meantime, tell your friends about the site, keep sending us comments as we love all kinds of feedback, and please keep telling us about the best burger places in the area.

Burgers At Home

September 8th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

Grinding our own beefI have to admit, what started off as harmless fun, looking for the best burger in town, it’s now turned into something bigger. And no, I don’t mean my gut. After eating mostly mediocre burgers so far, Nick and I are somewhat seriously considering opening our own burger place. I complain and critique everyone else’s burgers, how hard could it be to make them good? On Sunday, we decided to have our first “burger party” cooking up tasty treats as a first go-around in the long quest of finding that perfect burger. Who knows, maybe the best burger all along has been right in our own kitchens. continue reading »

Four Burgers

September 8th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

Four Burgers has been on our radar for a while now. They boast using fresh, local ingredients, and being mindful of the environment, but really, who doesn’t these days? Whether it’s true or not is anybody’s guess. Going against my personal burger philosophy, they have four basic burger options; ground beef, turkey, salmon, and vegetarian. Sounds simple, but they offer numerous toppings, some free, some not, and that’s where the complications arise. I like the options, but it’s almost too many options. continue reading »