Burgers At Home

September 8th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

Grinding our own beefI have to admit, what started off as harmless fun, looking for the best burger in town, it’s now turned into something bigger. And no, I don’t mean my gut. After eating mostly mediocre burgers so far, Nick and I are somewhat seriously considering opening our own burger place. I complain and critique everyone else’s burgers, how hard could it be to make them good? On Sunday, we decided to have our first “burger party” cooking up tasty treats as a first go-around in the long quest of finding that perfect burger. Who knows, maybe the best burger all along has been right in our own kitchens.

We experimented both with grinding our own meat and making several condiments and fries for the first run. While I’m not sure the $23 spent on buying Sirloin steaks and whole briskets to yield seven quarter pound burgers was worth the cost, they were damn tasty, my biased opinion says they were as good as any burger we’ve had so far. Imagine what a few more months of experiments might yield? Along with the burgers, we made caramelized onions, chipotle and sundried tomato mayo, homemade barbecue sauce (aka “the bearded professor”) and served it with fresh tomatoes and baby arugula. I also made fries that soaked for two days prior (totally worth the effort once we got used to the new deep-fryer). We still have to work out the kinks of cooking times using a cast-iron skillet, but for a first batch, they were hugely successful. So I warn all the burger-serving restaurants out there, not only are we critiquing your burgers, now we’re really making note of what works and what doesn’t on the business side, respectively.

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