Miracle of Science Bar + Grill

September 28th, 2009 by Richard Chudy

At long last, a tasty burger. Okay, maybe it hasn’t been that long, Wild Willy’s was good enough, but it’s been some time since we’ve actually had a burger that I can honestly say was delicious outside of my own kitchen. It’s true Miracle of Science isn’t spectacular, there’s really two options (more if you factor in different cheeses) but it’s a cheeseburger done right, in it’s simplest form.

Yet another restaurant in Cambridge (on Mass. Ave no less), Miracle of Science is an M.I.T. hangout and isn’t shy about being nerdy, as the chalk-board menu is really a periodic table replaced with food items. The menu, while not being a “burger place” per se, is simple, if not pricey, in my opinion. The basic cheeseburger is $9.50 and comes with a hash brown type of side and a pickle. I come to expect fries with my burger or at least an indication otherwise ahead of time, but if that’s what they have, then that’s what they have. Luckily, the potatoes are very good, cooked well, with a good crust, and are served with a spicy tomato chutney that gives it just the right amount of heat. The burgers are grilled, which I normally don’t prefer, but are thin enough they retain at least some juice, and are cooked a perfect medium-rare. The bun is nice, crispy and chewy and a perfect fit for the wide and flat patty.

Usually I’m a huge snob for top of the line ingredients, beef specifically, and although I’m not convinced this beef is anything special, it’s no frills, and it just tastes good, really good as a matter of fact. It’s not drip down juicy, but I don’t totally mind, there’s no greasy mess and the bread sops up any potential liquid disaster. The cheese is fully melted (at long last!) but I do wish there was more, as one slice can hardly measure up to the girth of this burger. Overall I’m completely happy, easily one of the best burgers we’ve had so far. The floors are a bit dirty and the tables and wobbly, and I wish there was that extra oomph with the burgers especially at $9.50 plus tip, but it’s very good and I’m very satisfied.

Overall Score: 89

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