Do People Actually Like Burgers?

April 9th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I’m convinced most people are indifferent towards burgers, they just don’t know it. It’s more the pleasure of biting into a big piece of meat (get your mind out of the gutter, please) than it is actually tied to any beefy taste. Yes, a steak is quite “beefy,” and massive, that’s why we love it, but I strongly believe most burgers err on the side of bland, how often does a burger actually taste like beef? Based on my recent findings, rarely, if ever. Too often we’re blinded by toppings, when a burger, is it’s simplest form, is nothing more then beef, a bun, cheese, and maybe some lettuce and tomato. So why aren’t there beefier burgers out there? Why isn’t there more emphasis on the beef, and less on loading it up on toppings that just cover up the meat anyway.

Most people only experience a few type of burgers in their lives; the backyard burger, the pub burger, and the fast-food burger. We all know the backyard burger, your dad probably grilled up a massive UFO shaped patty but you thought it tasted good because it was grilled, but in reality it was dry and flavorless, just happened to have grill marks on it so it was acceptable. Grilling burgers is not the way to go, but that’s another article. We’ve all had pub burgers too, their huge, have more bread than meat, but we feel satisfied when we eat one, like a real man sitting in a pub enjoying a nice burger. But it’s all smoke and mirrors, size does not equal flavor, as O”Sullivan’s is a perfect example, a huge burger that fails on so many levels, you can’t convince me otherwise. Then of course we have the fast-food burger, most of loved it as a kid, and some of us never graduated beyond that in the world of burgers. So when a place like 5 Guys comes around, we think it’s the best thing in the world because it’s new and “fresh.” But, as my friend Max pointed out to me, it’s “just McDonald’s but with better toppings.”

So this is what’s it’s come down to? Still the same shitty McDonald’s beef but with “fresher” ingredients and we’ve had a massive burger revelation? Sorry, but I’m still not convinced. Say what you will about the higher price tags of the Tony Maws and the Michael Schlow’s of the world, at least I finally know where to find the beef.

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