The French Fry

April 28th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

Why all the fuss with french fries, isn’t this supposed to be a blog about burgers? Well yes, the burger is and always will be the focus here, but we want that ideal combination of a properly cooked burger paired with the perfect french fry. Otherwise, what’s the point, when are you going to be eating just a burger, sans any side dishes (I’ll even settle for an onion ring that’s good at this point), the burger paired with the french fry is classic for a reason.¬† We’re still searching for that perfect pairing in Boston, we’ve had decent burgers but lousy fries, remarkable fries but an average burger, why can’t we have both? Are we asking too much? By no means are fries as important as the burger, but to gain top billing, you have to give us both, throw in some good service and a reasonable price and I may run out of things to say, but so far, it seems a safe bet that day may never come. But I wont stop searching and eating until then.

One Response

  1. Mark says:

    I think a trip to NYC is in order. On the pedestrian side, visit Shake Shack, which is quite the rage. On the upscale, DB Bistro.

    These are 2 of 200 suggestions.