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April 29th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I often boast that my burgers are the best, but truth be told, I can never even satisfy myself when cooking a burger. Take that to heart, Boston restaurants, I’m just as hard on myself (if not more so) than I am on a local dining establishment. Making burgers at home is a huge production, it often involves making a slew of condiments, side dishes, and endless searches for the right beef in various shops. I preach simplicity all the time, and I swear I do mean it, but simplicity in burgers with me, at least on this, my day off, involved the following: making smoked paprika aioli, baking fresh buns, prepping falafel burgers for the veggie girlfriend (including making harissa for a sauce), driving to McKinnon’s for the meat (an hour round trip) and making bacon milkshakes. Phew. Luckily I had the candied bacon ice cream done yesterday, and only needed to crisp up some fresh bacon to include with the actual milkshakes. Aioli, as anyone knows, couldn’t be easier to make, and is always much more delicious than any pre-made mayonnaise on the market. The buns took time and were well worth the effort, can’t say I’m going that extra mile every time, but you never know. Beef aside, every component was delicious, the milkshakes were as amazing as they sound, and the aioli added the perfect touch of spice and fragrance to the burger. But. like so many failed restaurants before me, the beef was sub-par. I wish I could say differently, but it was mediocre at best. I had the McKinnon’s crew grind up boneless short rib for me, but I’m not convinced they have top quality meat, cheap yes, but quality not so much. Cooked well, seasoned appropriately, the beef was just not beefy enough for this burger lover, in actuality it possessed little flavor at all. My newest addition, however, is the double hit of cheese. I’m picky about having fully melted cheese, which I accomplished, but now I also like the complement of slightly un-melted cheese added to the burger as it nears the end, creating a nice textural difference for me, and one can truly never have too much cheese on a burger anyway. All in all, it was just too much burger for my mouth, weighing in around 7 ounces, the bread could have been toasted a little, and it really lacked the beefiness I always search for. I’m not perfect, and I know restaurants aren’t either, but to be fair, I’m not charging $12 for my burger, maybe it’s time for restaurants to take a little credibility before they start profiting off their ordinary burgers.

4 Responses

  1. erik says:

    disappointing to hear. come out here and try this again. or at least just make me a bacon milkshake…

  2. I must say it all looks pretty delicious.

  3. Angela Teixeira says:

    Falafel burgers were excellent! Thanks love!