The Anniversary

May 17th, 2010 by Richard Chudy
Paul D and myself at the Biltmore, one year later

Me and Paul D at the Biltmore, one year later

No, I am not talking about the anniversary with the girlfriend, nobody wants to read about that, but the one year anniversary of Boston Burger Blog, big news! Nick and I launched this website last May after eating at Louis Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut, while we were let down by the taste of the burgers it got us thinking about where the best burger places in our hometown of Boston of were. We started out at The Biltmore, and I’m glad to say my opinion hasn’t changed since that first experience. We’ve never had a legitimate scoring system, and believe me reviewing the first few restaurants was no easy task, with nothing to compare to, all the scores became (and still somewhat are) completely arbitrary.¬† But what’s in a number anyway? Most of the burgers we’ve had fall into the B- range, decent, but rarely one I want to come back to. I’ve been accused of being picky numerous times, and while I wont address that in full, I strongly believe I am not picky, I eat and enjoy just about everything, but it has to taste good and it has to be executed properly, usually those two things go hand in hand, and rarely is it prevalent on the Boston burger scene. I guess my point is that if you were to eat and focus on one thing continuously, be it a burger, grilled cheese, fried chicken or an apple pie, you’re going to notice the difference from one meal to the next. Subtle at first, but the more you eat, read, and think about it, the more you’re going to develop those opinions, so be it if they come across as “picky.”

So where are we now? There’s a few burgers I love, (you know the names by now) but it seems that you have to be a James Beard nominee to be able to produce a top-notch burger in Beantown. That shouldn’t be, the burger-only places (Bartley’s, Four Burgers, Boston Burger Company) weren’t what they were cracked up to be, almost all the pubs have been mediocre at best, and fast-food is, well, fast-food. But I’m determined, we can’t stop now, nor would we want to, even if we find that perfect burger (doubtful) we’re still going to taste them all, so we hope you continue to follow our journey.

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  1. Sara says:

    Happy Anniversary!