Brighton Beer Garden

May 12th, 2010 by Richard Chudy
Medium rare?

Medium rare?

The only redeeming thing about Brighton Beer Garden is the $2.50 priced burgers on Tuesdays. Well, the classic burger is $2.50, with the purchase of a drink, any additional topping costs 75 cents. But still, with a price tag including tip of $10, I can live with it, although it was difficult even paying that much. I wish I could just start paying what I think a burger is worth when I go out, but in all probability most places would be out of business if that was the model. The burgers at BBG are bad, with a taste eerily reminiscent of Harvey’s (not the first time I referenced the great Canadian chain), if I wanted the flavor of a hot dog I would order a hot dog, why can’t the burger taste like a burger? There’s just a real lack of enthusiasm here, vague descriptions, or lack thereof of the burgers, and my guess is since it’s cheaper on Tuesdays, they feel they can cheap out on the quantity and quality. Or maybe the problem is the timing of it all, 2:45 on a Tuesday is pretty much the skank shift, but the food should always taste great, if anything, less customers means more attention to the food, one would think.

Like most, I always try a french fry first, and usually it’s a pretty good indicator of how the rest of the meal will be. The fries at BBG are bland, bitter for some reason and not double-fried, yielding a very below average attempt. The burger is well, just a burger, the bun is fine, the toppings (bacon, lettuce and tomato) add nothing, and the meat, as mentioned, tastes like a hot dog. It’s also stringy, way beyond medium-rare, and unbelievable salty, this coming from the man who loves salt.¬† It also curiously is topped with a gigantic spear of a pickle, right on top of the burger, believe me, I’ve never seen a pickle that big before. (insert inappropriate joke here) The cheese, allegedly cheddar, is plastic-y, and flavorless, adding another layer of disappointment to an already weak burger. The initial $2.50 price tag might pull you in, but please take my warning seriously, this is one of the worst burger/fry combinations in Boston right now, with nothing redeeming about it.

Overall Score: 60


"this is a giant pickle"


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