Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grill

June 27th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I’ve had so many burgers at this point, some great, some bad, most somewhere in between. But the bad burgers are usually just cooked poorly, or not seasoned properly, flavor is absent but so what? The Remy Burger is not only bad, it’s unprecedented, so offensive it’s almost shocking. And to be honest, there are two things working in it’s favor, but so many misses it completely ruins any hope. First off, the beef has good flavor, Angus beef that delivers, and the Bo-Sauce, which is a spicy, mayo based condiment, packs a punch and comes through as a strong component. But that’s where the positive aspect ends. I had already been informed prior that the Remy burgers is served on fried dough. Yes, the same carnival food favorite acts as the bun here, and it’s as disastrous as it sounds. Maybe, just maybe if the dough was crispy and could create some sense of textural accent it could work, but this soggy mess may be just about the most offensive part of a burger I’ve had to date. Totally off-putting, it ruined any chance of success, because, as mentioned, the meat is actually pretty good. But the whole burger is just so large, this is the perfect example of bigger rarely being better. Who needs this much food? I may be smaller than the typical burger guy, but I can eat a fair amount, this burger is so massive to the point of gluttony, toss in a huge cone of fries and a fried pickle on the side, and it’s more food than needed. Couple everything with a huge wait, (note to self, don’t go to Remy’s on  the same day as a Red Sox game) unorganized service, and it’s a recipe for disaster. The Fried dough bun is such a train-wreck, I almost would say to check it out for yourself, but I just can’t do it, please avoid at all costs.

Overall Score: 59

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    The burger is much improved… the menu says USDA PRIME…. Great taste!