The Squealing Pig

June 22nd, 2010 by Richard Chudy

By all accounts, the Squealing Pig should be a great place, a little out-of-the way pub tucked away in Roxbury Crossing, like some secret spot only the lucky one’s know about, hell, even Steph’s cab driver didn’t know the street it was on. (but that could say more about the inept cab driver than anything else) The Squealing Pig could have been that type of restaurant, but it’s not, the service is poor and the burgers are so ordinary it’s not even funny. This is a hospitality business, yes? I think someone forgot to tell our waitress, who might have been having a bad day for all I know, but she was full of attitude. It almost felt like we were intruding or something, never feeling welcome and mostly being ignored the entire meal. The Pig Burger, topped with bacon, Gorgonzola, and chipotle onions is served on an Iggy’s bun that is once again too large for any burger. The bacon is not crispy, and flavor is missing all over the place. There isn’t an ounce of seasoning anywhere, from the bland, yet still crispy fries, to the beef, which is medium juicy, but still a bit overcooked in spots. I actually like the addition of Gorgonzola, it’s a good foundation of flavor to build on, but the onions are way too spicy and really overtake the burger. There just isn’t a lot to say, there’s no passion here, nobody seems like they want to be here, and neither do I. Flavor and good tasting burgers make me want to come back to any restaurant, but bland food and bitter servers make The Squealing Pig a complete afterthought in more ways than one.

Overall Score: 66

One Response

  1. Mick T. says:

    I almost agree about the service here; sometimes it’s exceptionally great and friendly, other times I’ve had waitress that are indifferent and almost hostile (usually on Saturdays at lunch/brunch time).