July 21st, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I applaud b.good in many respects, using impeccably fresh, local sources is important, the passion is in their story, it’s all over the walls of the restaurant, and I truly believe they feel they are making a difference in the food community. I just wasn’t sure how the burgers would taste though, can a “healthier burger” taste good? Well, no, at least not this one. It’s not bad, and I’m not even sure it’s that healthy, just a smaller portion. It certainly tastes like a regular old burger, just a leaner cut, with zero flavor and hence zero seasonings. The Vermont Cheddar was good, but un-melted, and that is really starting to drive me nuts. The pickle and tomato added a nice crunch and freshness, the bun was light and toasty, but that beef, just so bland and ordinary in every way. It had a touch of pink in the middle despite my never being asked how I wanted it cooked, had a minor amount of juice, but nothing noteworthy. The fries, oven fried, were less than crunchy, unseasoned, and unimpressive. I certainly enjoyed my vanilla milkshake, delicious in every way, but for a $12 meal, I wasn’t satisfied. Maybe that’s the point, I definitely didn’t feel stuffed or gross like I normally would after a “fast food” burger, so they accomplished something there. But I really didn’t enjoy the meal either, yes I felt less full, but at what cost? I basically paid $12 to not feel gross, yet still not be hungry, but why did I need a burger to do that? I think it’s nice for those who want the pleasure of eating a burger and not feel like a glutton or a disgusting pig afterward, but isn’t that sort of the point of eating a burger to begin with?

Overall Score: 70

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