Lee’s Burger Place

July 20th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

The artist formerly known as Flippin’ Burgers is now Lee’s Burger Place, or at least has been for a little less than a year. I still have yet to learn the correct information regarding the ownership, is it the same as before, partly different or a complete overhaul? At first glance it appears to be more or less the same place, with a few new items on the menu (namely subs) but a familiar West-Coast style burger. The focus is still burgers, done simply and prepared quickly, I was in and out in under twenty-five minutes, call it fast-food if you will (I will) and realize that with an interior so small, it has to be fast-food. I loved Flippin’ Burgers, it was beefy, the perfect size, affordable and downright delicious. Lee’s is almost identical in every way, except for two major flaws, the beef and the fries. Gone are the fresh, knock your socks off beefy burgers, only to be replaced with 100% Sirloin, (bleh) pre-formed, probably pre-frozen patties. It’s a thin patty, at first thought appearing to be juicy, but quickly realizing it’s tomato water, not beef fat dripping down on my plate. It’s got no personality (a real buzz word for me lately) and is as run-of-the-mill as you’ll see in a burger. And it’s such a shame, because every other aspect is top-notch. For $9 you can order a bacon cheeseburger and a small order of fries, with free toppings to boot, and incredibly fresh one’s at that. The lettuce, tomato, and bun are all perfect complements to what used to be a great sandwich, with the house sauce (a kind of spicy mayo) adding the perfect finishing touch. The fries feel frozen too, crispy yes, but un-salted and standard all the way, nothing special. I have to mention the service, which is phenomenal, family-run, they are amazingly attentive and friendly, passionate, and you can feel the good vibe from everyone in there. I’m just sad for my lost love, the burger that once was, and now is forgettable in every way. I just can’t understand why you would close down, re-open with very little changes, except cheapen out on the quality of the burger, when, after-all, you are a burger place. Lee’s still has all the making of a classic, West-Coast style burger place, ala Flat Patties, but I have to ask, Where’s the Beef?!

Overall Score: 73

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  2. What is a “west-coast” burger and what is an “east-coast” burger?

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  4. AKM says:

    I agree with all your points regarding Lee’s burgers. The staff was awesome, but the patty was not so good