Am I picky?

August 13th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

It’s more of a rhetorical question, but I’m sure many of you will chime in with a resounding “yes.” I’ve never felt I was picky, I may nit-pick, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like anything. This website is devoted to my quest to find the best burger in Boston. I honestly feel this website would be much more boring if I handed out high marks for the majority of burgers I ate, liking everything ruins credibility, and my strict guidelines for finding the best will not be compromised. I’m actually offended by being called picky. Almost everyone I meet, in my mind, is picky. Any food conversation always starts out the same way, someone tells me they like all food, and then drop the bomb of some random hatred; raw mango, toasted buns, mushrooms, pepper, anchovy. Yes, we all have preferences, but I think in order to love food, allergies or religious/personal beliefs aside, you have to actually eat or at least try everything. I love all food, yes, there are preferences, but the preference is on the side of properly cooked foods, food that tastes good. It doesn’t automatically mean fancy foods, (another term I hate), it’s the ability to enjoy something cheap and quick just as much as a white tablecloth kind of meal.¬† So am I particular? I can agree with that, I want things to be executed well, seasoned accordingly, and overall to taste delicious. I don’t think that makes me a bad person, just please don’t call me picky.

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  2. Mark says:

    Broad synonyms for ‘picky’ are discerning, discriminating or selective. What’s the problem? Each us only has a finite number of meals. If you forget those before you’re an adult when you don’t have much choice and also eliminate the meals when you’re really old (have no taste buds or teeth left or ability to remember them after you’re done), it’s not that big a number. Why should we be anything but picky about what we eat, where we eat and who we eat with?

  3. Didn’t I read this like a month ago?

  4. Richard says:

    I probably touched on it before, but I don’t think I did a full article yet.

  5. BBQGuy says:

    Hi B.B.B. guy,

    Can you speak to your specific criterias for burger judgement-composition, construction, cooking methodologies…