August 11th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

Bukowski’s stinks, I can’t be any more poetic than that, but it’s just so lazy. Going for lunch yesterday I had read all about the not so secretive “buck burger” which used to cost $1.67 but now has reached a whopping $2 for the standard hamburger before 8pm on weekdays. Fries and any toppings will cost an extra dollar, so the addition of cheese and a side of fries still made it an unbelievable deal at $4. There’s so bullshit here, literally a burger with cheese, a bun and fries, this burger’s got no place to hide. Best case scenario it could have been on par with Highland Kitchen, who did things the right way and made sure each ingredient was perfect. But Bukowski’s doesn’t seem to care, why ask how I want it cooked when it’s going to arrive way overdone anyway?  There’s no flavor in the beef, it’s dry, cooked beyond belief, and lousy all around. The bun is very nicely toasted and being buttered helps add some flavor, but it’s no saving grace. Is this just because it’s a lunch time deal and the place is empty or is this what the burger is normally like? I can only judge what I’ve been given, and quite frankly it shouldn’t matter. A burger should be good or bad no matter what time of the day it is, the lunchtime staff should be able to deliver as much as the nighttime staff, again, not my problem. The fries are crispy but have no seasoning at all, and old frying oil really imparts a bad taste.  Honestly this burger feels like something off the kids’ menu, it’s so basic, which I can normally dig, but this one is just so plain, overdone, and downright poor that even for $4, I just can’t get behind.

Overall Score: 63




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  1. mark chudy says:

    You’re using the same grading system for a $4 meal as you are for the same at $20. I’m not sure that’s fair. Do you have other $4 meals to compare to? I think the monetary value of a meal has to be considered in your grading equation. In fact you should go back in the evening to check if the burgers are any better at double, or whatever, the price. If not, then you can honestly give it a 63. Can you get an equivalent meal at BK or McD’s for that price? And how would they compare?

    • I don’t think separate categories are needed, a $20 burger better be superb, whereas maybe I can be more forgiving for a $4 burger. Price and value have to be considerations, and they always are. Just because it was cheap doesn’t mean I have any desire to eat it again. But normally it’s a $9 burger, in which case a 63 was probably generous.

  2. Jonathan C Clark says:

    It was like they literally threw it on the grill without salt or pepper, took a cigarette break, then realized it was burning. Aweful!

  3. I don’t know who this Jon C Clark is, but he’s a wise man.

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  5. Scott says:

    I really enjoy the burgers here at Bukowskis’ they’re just right for the price you pay. They always hit the spot when you have your burger fiend on. I could easily eat 2-4 anytime. Just really enjoy Bukowskis for their burgers mmmmm.

  6. Ron says:

    I had a burger at night at their boston location. Really can’t comment because I was feeling no pain. But still it wasn’t anything to write home about. But I do remember asking to switch the fries for sweet potatoe fries and they told me no can’t do it. There all pretty rude at that location.