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Let’s all calm down

September 23rd, 2010 by Richard Chudy

Dear Boston area restaurant owners (all of you),

I started this blog/website because I wanted a forum for my own voice and for others who share the love of burgers. I was not happy with the other formats (chowhound, yelp, etc.) because I felt that people were either way too nice or way too mean, just for the sake of being mean or just for the sake of kissing up to a chef/restaurant. I don’t think I’m mean, for the record, I think I’m honest, and I think I have legitimate reasons and experience to back that up. I never, ever, write a review or go to a new restaurant wanting it to be bad, or wanting to hate it, I may have expectations, but I promise you I’m always neutral going in and never looking to be an asshole. What comes out after that is all me, no gimmick, no ulterior motive, I’m not trying to be as obnoxious or as hate-filled as possible, I’m not trying to be the “angry burger guy.” This is who I am, as it’s been pointed out by those who know me, I may be a bit more on the negative side in actuality, I don’t have an alternate online persona, I’m not clever enough to create something so fictional. So if you want to call me out for being an asshole, so be it, then you’ll probably think I’m an asshole in real life too. I also think it’s an enormous waste of time to call me out because of a negative review, would you call out the Globe if they wrote a bad review? Do you call out every bad reviewer on Yelp? Maybe more time should be spent on perfecting the food, and less time on embarrassing yourself by fighting with every online reviewer who doesn’t think your restaurant is the best in the city. Furthermore, I’m not even a critic, I know it and all my readers do too, this is my personal quest to find the best burger in Boston, so my standards are higher than most, I want the best and wont settle for less than that. It’s also right there on my home page, I am not a professional writer, I never claimed to be and I never will, I’m not getting paid here, it’s all in good fun and is meant to be taken lightly. I’m sorry if you think I’m trying to ruin your business, I assure you I am not, I should be entitled to forming my own opinions on my own website without worrying about hurting the feelings of anyone. I realize people’s lives and businesses are at stake, it is not my intention to be rude or destroy a business, but if you’re going to go through the trouble of opening a restaurant, maybe you should make sure you’re as best prepared as you can be before you open, versus “figuring it out as you go.” In summary, maybe my standards are higher, and maybe it is just burgers after all, but I’m glad we live in a part of the county where people feel so strongly about their food choices, this is my voice, read along if you like, but don’t blast me because I don’t like your food.


Richard A. Chudy

Tasty Burger

September 20th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

A new burger joint? Don’t mind if I do. Trying to resist knocking down the doors before they opened, I decided to give Tasty Burger a little time to work out any new restaurant kinks. But I couldn’t wait any longer, Saturday was National Cheeseburger Day and there was no way I wasn’t going somewhere. Right behind Fenway Park, and steps away from one of my least favorite burgers in the city, (Remy’s) Tasty Burger stands out as a former gas station turned restaurant, it looks vintage, even right down to the take-out window open until 2 am. But it’s sort of an identity crisis right from the start. I’m expecting fast-food, classic 50’s style burgers, but someone is there to greet us and open the door as we walk in. No complaint there, but the dim lighting and a full bar confuses me when they’re clearly going for that old school West-Coast burger chain inspiration. The best of both worlds? Not for me, I’d rather one or the other, but that’s me. The service is quick and borderline too aggressive, as we’re asked how everything is literally six times before I’ve even had a bite of food. Early restaurant jitters aside, this was a bit on the annoying end of customer service. But still, I’ll take the frequent check-ins over an impossible to find server any day. continue reading »

Holy crap it’s been a while

September 14th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

So sorry, dear readers, (all 2 of you) it’s been a busy few weeks. Been working tirelessly on a food truck proposal to the City of Boston, because really, who wouldn’t want a food truck run by the Boston Burger Blog team?! ¬†Also been trying to perfect cooking a burger at home (much easier said than done, if you want consistency that is) and have some killer recipes that I hope to share with you. Anyway, looking forward to putting some content back on the website, so get ready for it. Here are some topics I hope to touch on, comments are always welcome;

Is a burger just a burger?

The annoyance of “foodie boards” (Yelp and Chowhound)

homemade burgers from an amateur

the best of Boston and best of lists

the rating system