Tasty Burger

September 20th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

A new burger joint? Don’t mind if I do. Trying to resist knocking down the doors before they opened, I decided to give Tasty Burger a little time to work out any new restaurant kinks. But I couldn’t wait any longer, Saturday was National Cheeseburger Day and there was no way I wasn’t going somewhere. Right behind Fenway Park, and steps away from one of my least favorite burgers in the city, (Remy’s) Tasty Burger stands out as a former gas station turned restaurant, it looks vintage, even right down to the take-out window open until 2 am. But it’s sort of an identity crisis right from the start. I’m expecting fast-food, classic 50’s style burgers, but someone is there to greet us and open the door as we walk in. No complaint there, but the dim lighting and a full bar confuses me when they’re clearly going for that old school West-Coast burger chain inspiration. The best of both worlds? Not for me, I’d rather one or the other, but that’s me. The service is quick and borderline too aggressive, as we’re asked how everything is literally six times before I’ve even had a bite of food. Early restaurant jitters aside, this was a bit on the annoying end of customer service. But still, I’ll take the frequent check-ins over an impossible to find server any day.There are a few burgers to choose from, all very reasonably priced starting at just $4, but just one cheese option in Colby-Jack, strange I think for a burger joint to only offer one type of cheese, unless I’m missing something. I’ve been completely skeptical of the burgers because they’re cut from the tenderloin, which as we all know is way too lean to work for a burger. But the burgers are seasoned nicely, coming out as a pretty good medium-rare, despite never asking how I wanted it cooked. Seasoned well, yes, but flavorful not so much. Again, just too lean of a cut, and you can tell, it’s a nice pink-ish hue inside, but very little moisture to speak of. Lettuce, tomato and odd tasting chewy bacon round out my burger on a nondescript sesame seed bun. Something is just missing, it’s not offensive, it’s not even bad, it just doesn’t wow me. Same with the fries and onion strings, which come together on a 50-50 mix, the fries are seasoned well, but a little on the blonde spectrum in terms of color, and the onions are all batter and very little onion flavor. The shakes are also a let-down, as both the black and white and strawberry shakes sampled taste off, like there’s something besides milk and ice cream in there, most definitely a flavored syrup which doesn’t belong and makes it rather unpleasant. I also think a $30 bill for two people is way too high when my burger cost all of $5.50, even with two shakes. Tasty Burger is the new kid on the street, but if they want to survive a very competitive burger market, they need to up the anti a little bit, tenderloin and over-the-top service wont get you there alone, but at least it’s better than Remy’s.

Overall Score: 74

7 Responses

  1. Barfly says:

    Whoa!!Lol geeesh. Well I guess I’ll stick with the take out window.

  2. Vicky says:

    Hey Richard, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, since I decided to jump over the counter (I actually work at Four Burgers in Central Sq) and try to educate myself on our local burger contenders. Lots of great reviews and info on here. Anyways, I went to Tasty Burger on Saturday night, and wholeheartedly agree with you. I ordered the onion burger and while the caramelized onions were tasty, they were pretty much all I could taste, and the overall flavor was lacking. I agree that the burgers are reasonably priced, but I think that the overall high costs may come from the, in my opinion, small $4 fry/onion ring sides and beverages.

    • Thanks for checking in Vicky. How’s 4 burgers going these days? Haven’t been in a while.

      • Vicky says:

        It’s all good…. business has picked up tremendously this year, and we have some new menu items, including our fifth rotating burger special which is pretty popular. I’m sure a lot has changed since the last time you were in.

  3. I am curious what Kieth thinks with that 😛

  4. This is the most amazing blog that I read this year?!?