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Filmed for a day

October 20th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

As you know by now, I was fortunate enough to be featured in a short video on with my good friend Jonathan “C” Clark and interviewed and quoted in an article by Devra First in the Boston Globe. Pretty much what I always wanted, and something I’m always striving for, which of course is exposure, anyone who writes a food blog and claims they don’t want or like the attention is lying. Really, I just want to share my love and passion for burgers to as many people as I can. if I lose some readers by being too honest (ie negative and bitter) so be it. I’m harsh and I know it, yet I never enjoy when people return the favor, which probably inspire the majority of my rants. ¬†But where is this blog even going? Who knows, clearly I’m interested in starting a food truck, some day a burger joint, and I find the entire process to be prime research, if nothing else. But for now I’m reviewing them all, burger joints, French restaurants serving pretentious burgers on brioche, diners, fast-food, pubs, and everything in between. continue reading »

Oggi Gourmet

October 17th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I just don’t get Oggi Gourmet, an oddly situated establishment in the Holyoke Center in Harvard Square, which is confusing in every sense of the word. Maybe I’m missing something, but the ordering process is a disaster, it’s just not clear where to order, where to sit, or where to pick up the food, it’s all completely disjointed. I choose to dine in, but still have to order at a counter, wait for my order to be called and brought to me, yet I have to grab my own drink. It’s also slightly odd eating when employees are literally six inches from me making poorly made coffee drinks. It also would have been nice to know that my burger does not come with fries, priced at $8 I kind of assumed, especially after I eat I notice a sign with a special burger of the day that is cheaper and does come with fries. Huh? Why wouldn’t the girl at the counter have said something? Why wouldn’t I want the cheaper burger with fries? The burger, somewhere in the third to half pound range, is char-grilled and pretty standard. Too much smoke yields a bitter aroma and hand-formed is nice and all, but usually it means over-formed and over-compressed, this burger is no exception. And how can you list ketchup as an ingredient on a burger, and then proceed to give me ketchup packets? Anyone? Bueller? The beef, while nicely salty is oddly sour, as if these hand-formed burgers were made a few days ago, not to the point of rotten, bu certainly a little suspect. It’s not dry, which is a good thing, but the choice of Mesclun greens seems poor and unfitting for this burger, especially because they can wilt so easily, and the tomato and lettuce are anything but fresh. I just can’t grasp what the appeal is, people have recommended this place to me, but I suspect it’s an under the radar burger because you wouldn’t expect it to be good, it’s a place known for its pizza, not it’s burgers. So maybe people thought it was hip to like a burger here to claim it as a hidden gem, but it’s a very mediocre burger in a pizza place that may or not have good pizza. Think about ordering a burger the next time you’re at Bertucci’s and get back to me, then you have an idea of what I’m talking about.

Overall Score: 58

Shameless self-promotion

October 12th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I haven’t gone too deep into my dreams of opening a restaurant and/or food truck, but yes, it is my goal and my passion to do so. This takes a lot of effort and money. Lots and lots of money. So I’ll put it out to you, dear reader, because who wouldn’t want a new burger joint (as if there aren’t enough already) or food truck run by yours truly. Unfortunately, being a chef doesn’t always pay that much, and at this point I would open up the discussion to anyone who’d be willing to invest in such an establishment. Feel free to contact me anytime, and we’ll discuss the details. So what do you say Boston, who’s going to help make this dream come true??

Is a burger “just a burger?”

October 12th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

You tell me. Okay, I’ll tell you, at least to start the conversation. Why start and stop with the burger, might as well ask if a hot dog is just a hot dog, or if a pizza is just a pizza, or whatever fill in the blank food you feel more comfortable with. For me, Mr. Burger Enthusiast, obsessed with finding the best, no, a burger is not just a burger, but you already knew that. We love to analyze here at Burger Blog Central, over analyze perhaps, but hey, that’s what we do. Clearly, not all burgers are the same, in price, condiments, cuts of beef, type of bun, the possibilities are endless, and we haven’t even started talking about quality yet. In many ways, however, a burger is just a burger, many pub burgers are similar, most fast-food burgers are alike, so at face value we’re still talking beef, cheese, a bun and maybe some lettuce and tomato if you’re good. But ask 100 people what their perfect burger looks like and you’ll get 100 different answers. Burgers are funny that way, people order the same type of burger over and over again, at the same temperature. But medium-rare to me might be different than medium-rare to you. Anything that’s not done the way we expect it to be we scoff at, but shouldn’t we be judging it based on flavor? I do think that any chef worth their salt should be able to cook a burger to temperature, and really it’s a badge of honor to be able to do so, but in the end, I want it to taste good, medium-rare or not medium-rare aside. Even with the multitude of different blends of meat, and different types of cheese, it’s still a burger, but of course they are not all created equally. I guess the question is, at what point does it not become a burger? Your thoughts??