Filmed for a day

October 20th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

As you know by now, I was fortunate enough to be featured in a short video on with my good friend Jonathan “C” Clark and interviewed and quoted in an article by Devra First in the Boston Globe. Pretty much what I always wanted, and something I’m always striving for, which of course is exposure, anyone who writes a food blog and claims they don’t want or like the attention is lying. Really, I just want to share my love and passion for burgers to as many people as I can. if I lose some readers by being too honest (ie negative and bitter) so be it. I’m harsh and I know it, yet I never enjoy when people return the favor, which probably inspire the majority of my rants. ¬†But where is this blog even going? Who knows, clearly I’m interested in starting a food truck, some day a burger joint, and I find the entire process to be prime research, if nothing else. But for now I’m reviewing them all, burger joints, French restaurants serving pretentious burgers on brioche, diners, fast-food, pubs, and everything in between.

The Boston Globe treatment was my first experience where restaurants actually went out of their way to be nice to me, I gotta say, it was quite pleasant. I had of course been to two of the three burger places before in Toro and Tasty Burger, but was thrilled to try the $21 burger at Back Bay Social Club. We first went to Toro, always a favorite of mine, chatted with the chef, split a delicious burger and tried not to sound like complete morons, we didn’t know what to expect, but Jon and I have been friends since college, so I think everything was pretty natural for us. I was a bit apprehensive heading in to Tasty Burger, a place I didn’t love and wrote about just a couple weeks ago. I certainly don’t feel I was overly-harsh, but in fairness they have only been open a short while and are still trying to perfect their recipes. I gotta say, although my opinion on their burgers hasn’t really changed, it’s a lot tougher to be up front and honest when you’re talking with the owner and chef, hearing their story, listening to the passion that drives them. I also think that a burger generally tastes better when you see it being made, and when the camera is rolling. But I wish them well, I’d be a fool not to, I hope they find the blend and seasoning their looking for and the public responds, business has already been great and should continue to improve. Finally we headed to Back Bay Social Club, home of the $21 burger. First off, yes, it is delicious, but how could it not be? They’re taking Prime Cuts of beef, usually used in a steak, and converting it into a burger. More power to them, it is that delicious, but doesn’t a burger usually take leftover bits and pieces of meat, and generally tough cuts to create a product that everyone can afford? But the appeal, at least for me, is that it’s a show-off burger. In that very special occasion, family in town, let’s get the best damn burger in the city no matter the price kind of way. It definitely doesn’t hurt that my burger was free, let’s see how they treat me when I go in alone on a Tuesday afternoon wearing my old Elementary School t-shirt, then we’ll get a better idea. Up next, some new writers joining the team (I hope) with some unique perspectives on veggie burgers and fries. Stay posted, keep reading, and enjoy.

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