Atwoods Tavern

November 29th, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I don’t know how to figure the burger at Atwoods Tavern, it’s the ultimate two-face burger, a few good biters here and there, and a few rather offensive bites in between. It bursts with juice immediately, almost violently and slightly painful on my wrist and onto the plate, which is fine for some, but me, I like my juice in the burger and not on the plate. Yes, leave it to me to complain about a juicy burger, but a little resting of the burger before it’s sent out and those juices will naturally redistribute back into the meat and not onto my wrist and plate. But the meat is flavorful, grass-fed and local, it can be sweet and luscious, which it was partly, and then inexplicably tasted of liver, and not the good way liver can taste when medium-rare, but that nasty, chalky taste of over-cooked liver. Is this a grass-fed quality or the cuts of beef used? Either way, it’s incredibly unpleasant and unflattering, all due to inconsistent cooking. The parts that are cooked to a medium-rare are lovely, otherwise it’s a roller-coaster of tastebuds and it’s not a good experience.¬†The burger is priced properly at $10.95 but then again they charge for cheese, starting at 75 cents for cheddar and gouda. It may be nothing to most, but I hate when places charge for cheese, it should be my right as a burger eater to have cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion as a minimum, why not just make the burger $12 instead? I’d almost prefer it that way. (of course then I’d complain it cost $12) The cheese does come melted but is skimpy, as is the case these days it seems, why can’t we just have completely melted, gooey cheese in every burger? I’m baffled this isn’t common, it’s a burger, people! The French Fries, skin-on all the way, are well prepared, seasoned just enough and crispy as can be. No secret behind them, no creative flavoring weapon, just good solid fries, something I’ll always appreciate. The bun, nothing to write home about, is as good as it needs to be, not over-thought, not brioche, just a bun, and it serves its purpose, a good fit, and it doesn’t distract from the burger.

In some aspects, this is a good burger, the parts of meat that are cooked to order highlight the benefits of grass-fed beef, but at it’s worst, the over-cooked bits, makes you think twice about going that route again.

Overall Score: 73

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