November 23rd, 2010 by Richard Chudy

I was hoping the Coda burger would be different enough from The Common Ground burger that I would at least have something to say about it. ¬†Owned by the same people, the burger is eerily similar, but I was hoping for a little more South End-finesse as opposed to a rugged Allston burger, location is everything. It’s the same black pepper brioche, the same char-grilled just in a cleaner setting. But whatever worked for me in Allston did not work for me in the South End. Nicely cooked meat became over-cooked dry beef that was over-charred and lackluster. Although the over-char actually made for a nice crust, the nice crust really just turned into too bitter a final product. Those who prefer the grill over a griddle are just crazy, but what do I know. What’s listed as a 10 oz. burger is nowhere near it, I’m thinking more along the lines of 6 to 7 oz, which is fine with me because I certainly can’t handle that much meat. (so many jokes to make, so little time) But of course the patty can’t stand up to the brioche bun, which always tastes fine on it’s own but is much too large for any burger, 10 oz. or not. The cheese, supposedly there, is not present, at least not on my taste buds, and I’m wondering why every place lately seems to be skimping on the cheese of all things. The burger has some juice, but not nearly enough, perhaps if it was cooked less it would be juicier, but the beef is rather bland in any event. You could refer to the fries as “awesome,” but I don’t share that sentiment, then again you’re probably the kind of person who prefers your dad’s backyard grilled burger above all else. They are good and seasoned, at least the nine that actually have salt on them, those are lovely, but the majority that never received a salt shower are just that, flavorless fries that deserved better. Not a lot of care went into this burger and it shows, even if it cooked properly I’m not sure I would feel that different, the fries and the beef had some hope, the atmosphere is suitable and the price ($10) is spot-on, but I can’t endorse an over-charred, over-cooked burger, next time I’ll stick to Allston.

Overall Score: 73

3 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    DUDE, those fries were awesome! Seriously? No? You didn’t like them? And we’ve got to put an end to this grilled vs. griddled argument once and for all….let’s see whatcha got burger boy

  2. Katie says:

    So I left a comment here yesterday but must have done something wrong because it doesn’t look like it stuck….Seriously, those fries were awesome! And backyard grilled burgers are the best!!! Let’s see this almighty “griddled” burger you’ve been so raving about.