2010, a year in Burgers

December 23rd, 2010 by Richard Chudy

Might have to wait until after the New Year for my 2010 burger review, so I’ll start with you, all the burger lovers out there. What was the best burger you had this year? What was the worst burger? Best fries? Burger you can’t wait to try in 2011? I await your response…

12 Responses

  1. worst burger: Joshua Tree, Davis Square. Bleh.

  2. PigTrip says:

    Best burger: Eastern Standard (Boston). Simple and silky. Memorably silky.

    Worst burger: Sonic (Wilmington). Yeah, it’s fast food, but it should have had *some* redeeming qualities, and it had none.

    Burger I’m most looking forward to trying: Back Bay Social Club. Too steaky? Bring it on.

  3. Best Burger: Craigie on Main
    Worst Burger: deleted from memory

    Happy holidays!

    • Siobhan says:

      Best burger..Bennegan’s Park Plaza Boston. Worst: I’ve had sooo many bad burgers I am not able to list them all.

  4. jake says:

    Best – British beer company – Westford
    Worst – 99 Burger (all locations)

  5. Katie says:

    Best Burger? Bristol Burger
    Worst? I still haven’t got over the grossness that was the Cafeteria burger. Yeck.

  6. Dan Abdinoor says:

    Best of the year was Cragie, and I was there in August so they had tomatoes!

    Going to have to try the $21 burger at Back Bay Social Club sometime in 2011.

  7. Lin says:

    Tried the Back Bay Social Club – a little too much burger (but very tasty) and the fries were meh.

    Abe & Louies still favorite. Met Bar in Dedham can be just enough food if looking for a good burger & sweet potato planks (fries are good too).

  8. VeggieSam says:

    You’d better taste my Veggie Burger and let’s talk then.

  9. Mike G says:

    Back Bay Social Club. You have to ask for lettuce and tomato on the side, I like the contrast of hot/cold.

    Worst: BK double thick cheddar bacon burger. Feels like a McRib, so fake.

    Other category: Catsup and Mustard in Manchetsr, CT
    Called “Oh Burger, You Devil” it’s a crushed red pepper crusted 1/2# patty topped with pepperjack, cajun fried onions, fried jalapenos, peppered bacon, sriracha mayo, pepper relish on a pretzel bun. So delicious and not so spicy you can’t enjoy.

  10. Barfly says:

    Still Very happy about the the Hickory Burger at Houston’s (sauce on side)

    Worst? disappointed in RF Osullivans. Don’t believe the hype.