The Paramount

February 2nd, 2011 by Richard Chudy

I don’t care that much about a slightly annoying seating policy, I can overlook a less than friendly staff, but at the end of the day, I do care about having a good burger. The Paramount, after having been very highly praised and recommended by some trustworthy readers and contributors to the blog, was a let-down, but more than that, really left us wanting more. I’m not discounting people’s opinions, I swear I get no joy or pleasure out of disliking a burger (although it’s sometimes easier to write with a slightly negative vibe than not) but this one was never in the cards for me. It wasn’t all mediocre, the bun was nice and fresh, a good fit for the massive burger on the plate. But bigger does not always equal better, as the grilled burger had very little flavor and came out on the medium-well end of the burger spectrum. I was never asked how I wanted my burger cooked, not a big issue if it’s flavorful and juicy, but this was not juicy and was minimal on the flavor. Un-melted cheese, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions and house-made pickles all topped the patty, all with mixed results. I don’t need to divulge any further on the topic of un-melted cheese, so I wont bore you with another rant on that topic. The mushrooms and onions were fine, not exactly an unusual topping, but at least something extra was attempted for what is usually a very basic and boring house burger around these city parts. Fries are best when they are simply prepared and executed to salty, golden perfection. The fries at Paramount are simple, yes, but are not so golden and are not so salty. Not a complete failure, but nothing noteworthy either.

For $11 I can’t complain about the price, especially for the size, which as mentioned is quite massive. On a different day, maybe I find The Paramount to be charming and intimate, and if you’re a regular, I bet that’s exactly how you feel nine times out of ten. But for me, on my one and probably only visit, I found it to be unwelcoming, unsatisfying, and an overall disappointment.

Overall Score: 72

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