The Fat Cat

March 11th, 2011 by Richard Chudy

You can’t blame a burger for trying. I always root for the underdog, in this case the cheap-o pub burger, hoping that someday an under $10 burger will be memorable. The Fat Cat is what I like to call the burger with too much “stuff.” Namely a crazy amount of lettuce, a huge and offensive looking (and tasting) tomato, and huge discs of raw red onion. If I wanted a salad I would have ordered one. The basic burger with “stuff” costs $8, and additional toppings are generously priced at .50 each. I happily add Manchego Cheese, rarely seen on burgers although it should be seen more frequently, and some bacon. The cheese is oddly grated, not really tasting like the glorious Manchego I know and love, and not adding all that much to my burger enjoyment. The bacon, while not crispy, has great flavor, and they did not skimp on the quantity, it’s pure bacon goodness, and it makes the burger.¬†

The beef itself is just okay, cooked a few shades beyond medium-rare, it’s about a six out of ten on the juiciness scale. But minimal salt and pepper hold it back, hold it back from what I’m not sure, but in this case you get what you should for a $9 burger. It’s big, certainly filling, but not much beyond that. But if you’re looking for big, sort of juicy, cheap and filling, maybe this is the burger for you. But expectations and price are important, I don’t mean to totally slam this burger, in many ways, it fits the bill. Why judge it beyond something it’s not trying to be? This isn’t the place to expect a perfectly cooked burger, or have flawless fries (it doesn’t) but my burger judgement knows no boundaries, wouldn’t be fair to start judging differently now.

Overall Score: 74

One Response

  1. Aimee says:

    I love it when food is described as “offensive looking”. Well done!

    Burger pun intended.