The Blue Room

May 31st, 2011 by Richard Chudy

Photo courtesy of Christine Liu,

I’ll never complain about the lack of cheese on a burger again. At least not in the case of The Blue Room, a little hideaway of a place in Cambridge. Accompanied by my buddy Christine, this was not a restaurant I had heard all too much about, best case scenario it would be another Fireplace situation. A great burger in an otherwise unsuspecting environment. They really put the cheese in cheeseburger, no question about it. The cheese is a Bouche du Poiton. Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either. It’s basically a goat-meets-brie-meets-blue kind of cheese. And they are not shy about it, a huge hunk, rind and all, sits atop the burger, just about larger than the patty itself. It’s not melted at all, but I’m not even sure that it could or needs to be. It is warm though, and it is delicious, but shouldn’t it be more about the beef and less about covering it up with a very strong (yet flavorful) cheese?

Most local restaurants use grass-fed beef because most local farms use grass-fed cows. Oddly, The Blue Room uses grass-fed beef from Missouri. I respect the choice, but I’d respect it more had it been local beef, either way it’s grass-fed, and we generally know how I feel about that. Too lean, too “grassy” and not enough full flavor. But this time around it’s decent beef; not phenomenal, not a deal-breaker, just lost in a cloud of cheese. The Iggy’s black pepper brioche bun that makes cameos all over town pops up again. Funny how the same bun works and doesn’t work depending on the burger, and the person who cooks it. Here it’s too massive, but we’ve been there and done that before, why waste the energy bashing the brioche because it’s the same old song and dance. An herb aioli is also added to the plate, but it’s thin, watery and mostly flat in flavor to bring much of anything. Beet and Sweet Potato chips round out the meal, and I’d be hard pressed to find someone who prefers chips to a good French Fry. Maybe if I were eating a wussy turkey sandwich or something, but I’m eating a burger, give me some fries, please.

Overall the beef has above average flavor, even for grass-fed, but ultimately it’s all about the cheese in the most unique way I’ve seen to date. The Blue Room burger sets itself apart in some ways, but ultimately it’s another burger that leaves a little something to be desired.

Overall Score: 77

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