A contest….

June 7th, 2011 by Richard Chudy

Time for another giveaway, my burger friends. Three lucky (random) winners will each receive a $25 gift certificate to restaurant.com. All you have to do to enter is give me your top 5 burger spots in Boston and tell me why they are your favorites. The winner will be chosen this Friday, when I release my Top 5 in this week’s Burger Column for the Dig. Want an extra chance at free burger money? Tweet “Free Burgers from @bostonburger? Yes, please. Enter at www.bostonburgerblog.com”.

Good luck!

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14 Responses

  1. DocRivahs says:

    1. R.F.O Sullivan’s – Great, all-American burger
    2. Eastern Standard – Love the atmosphere, good burger and addicting fries!
    3. Wild Willy’s – Not in Boston but worth the trip. Lots of burger options and totally underrated.
    4. Bartley’s – It’s a classic. Been going there for years!
    5. Flat Patties – SO good for SO cheap

  2. Dan Abdinoor says:

    1. Flat Patties – consistent quality and value
    2. Cragie – it’s not a burger it’s a “dish” and actually succeeds
    3. Miracle of Science – as good as a char-grilled burger can be
    4. Sel de la Terre – savory, salty, well crafted
    5. Cheesecake Factory – a guilty pleasure, but the Farmhouse burger hits all the right notes

  3. Andrew says:

    1. Tasty Burger — The Big Kahuna’s a totally bitchin’ fast-food style burger with enough sauce to make the bun awesome and keep the pineapple in check. Also, the thin red onion-based rings are just about the best in town.
    2. Bartleys (Cambridge) — Their burgers are the most fun to bite into. Not sure why. Their specialty flavors are dope — cajun burger, this means you — but structural integrity is where they really shine. Onion rings are classic.
    3. Pastelaria Broadway (East Somerville) — Classic Brazilian greasy spoon, complete with overweight surly dude in a stained white tee behind the counter. Burgers are ridiculous, with fried eggs, ham, cheese, corn and those PikNik potato crisp things on the world’s hugest bun of Portuguese sweet bread. Something about this burger produces cravings like none other. It sticks with you.
    4. Wild Willys (Watertown) — Service almost as bad as RF O’Sullivans, but fast foody burgers are rock solid and they lay the jalapenos on thick.
    5. Olde Magouns Saloon (Somerville) — Best pepper-crusted bleu cheese patty in town. Which is saying something, since everybody and their duck serves those these days.

  4. Ben says:

    -Biltmore bar and grill (newton) – always great, love that place
    -51 Lincoln – (newton) so much care put into all their food
    -Wild Willys – (watertown) nothing pretentious here
    -The cottage (wellesley) – elegant, you can take youe parents and still have good food
    – Harvest (cambridge) – everything on their menu tastes so good!

  5. Kate says:

    In no paricular order:
    Casablanca, Harvard Square
    Harvest, Harvard Square
    Eastern Standard, Kenmore
    The Metropolitan Club, Newton
    The Fireplace, Brookline

  6. Eric says:

    1. Highland Kitchen. Amazing. These guys are the best in affordability and quality.
    2. Eastern Standard. Love the atmosphere and food.
    3 Casey’s Diner. I needed to add these guys since its in my hometown and I grew up on them! Dogs are great as well.
    4 Boston Burger Company. Small place in Davis that gives you good burgers, with fries and a beer
    5 Uburger. I love these for football sundays! The rolls are pretty delicious.

  7. Mark Hrubala says:

    My Top 5 burgers (Boston / East Coast):

    #1 Craigie on Main: homemade bun that’s delicious & the perfect size for this burger. Beef was cooked to a perfect medium-rare, extraordinary beef flavor & THE juiciest, tastiest burger I’ve ever had, oozing with melted cheddar cheese, – they stick you in the bar area to eat it but the bar area is nicer than 85% of the restaurants I normally go to. http://www.craigieonmain.com

    #2 Back Bay Social Club: +3 points on the presentation – served on a wood cutting board with a steak carving knife & a brown bag full of delicious fries to snap into. This burger is beautiful & simple – burger that starts with high quality meat (aged prime rib & short rib) & only adds sharp cheddar & onions that almost melt into the burger. Well worth trying for the $21 bucks, juicy & flavorful. http://www.backbaysocialclub.com

    #3 (a short drive to CT) Plan B: phenomenal spot – serves only American craft beers – great selection. 100% certified natural & certified humane whole chuck meat that’s hand ground in house daily. When ordering, ask for the “with some pink in the middle” option, it’s cooked to freakin’ perfection. I recommend the Tavern Classic with crisp bacon & melted cheddar cheese or the Pretzel Burger (served on an extremely tasty & perfectly sized pretzel bun with spicy mustard). The fries are probably the best fries on this list of fine burger establishments but you have to sub in the house made potato chips topped with warm blue cheese if it’s your first time checking this place out. http://www.planbburger.com

    #4 (a long drive to DC) Ray’s Hell Burger: Barack Obama’s favorite burger & it’s damn good. Seasoned perfectly and mine was cooked a perfect medium rare for such a big, juicy burger. It’s big & by the time I finished it, my plate was wading in a pool of juiciness.

    #5 Flat Patties in Cambridge: starts with a nice grilled brioche bun – everything fits here. The burgers are thin but tasty as hell, I had mine with Cheddar & Bacon (cheddar was melted & bacon crispy), and I thought the fries were great. This place is rock solid – I’ve been there 5 times & each time remember really like it.

  8. Lillian says:

    In no particular order….
    1. Craigie St. – beefiest burger in town with great meaty texture you can sink your teeth into. The accomanying double/triple cooked potato wedges are amazing to boot.
    2. Radius – the combination of the horseradish sauce, onion strings and the buttered bun really works.
    3. The Gallows – Flat patty style yet still juicy and cooked perfectly to order, accompanying lettuce is fresh and crispy, tomato is ripe and juicy (not mealy), and the fries are fresh cut (skin on) and perfectly fried.
    4. Toro – small in size, big on flavor. Super juicy and beefy, the accompanying pickled onions adds a welcome bite of acidity that cuts through the beefiness. Ordering it with the “corn” aioli puts it over the top!
    5. Highland Kitchen – giant, juicy, well cooked burger, soft bun, great skin-on fries. All around comforting and very satisfying

  9. Daisy says:

    These favorites come to mind, with certain explanations extracted from my previous blog posts.

    Sel de la Terre – hits the spot. A massive juicy patty cooked to my ideal medium with Vermont cheddar cheese, apple smoked bacon and a slather of spicy aioli were contained by a toasted brioche bun. The buns outer shell buttery and glistening, ever so slightly crisped at the edges, encased a perfect arch of fluffy white bread. Extra skinny, precisely seasoned rosemary pomme frites accompany.

    Intermission Tavern – their signature burgers only cost $10 and pleasantly surprised me. Specifically the Red, White, and Bleu Burger – 10 oz. Angus burger topped with roasted red peppers, and crumbled bleu cheese served on a bulkie roll.

    The Bristol Lounge – Does this one need an explanation?!

    Eastern Standard – Pulling up to the bar, sipping a well crafted cocktail and indulging in their burger is pretty much the perfect end to a night on the town.

    Radius – Vermont cheddar melts evenly over 9 oz of fresh ground juicy beef. A smooth and tangy, but not overpowering horseradish sauce oozes through thin-coiled crispy onions piled high under a buttery toasted brioche bun. The bun is nicely proportioned to the burger itself. Well seasoned thin cut french fries come in a copper pot alongside to round out the experience.

  10. Joe Goss says:

    Here are my top 5 (though I admit to not being a burger connoisseur:

    * R.F.O’Sullivan’s — good neighborhood burger
    * B. Good — irreverent, if nothing else
    * Boston Burger Company — food in tight places
    * McCormick & Schmick’s — basic burger, but they treat me right
    * Pizzeria Uno – cause I like putting random out-of-place restaurants on lists

  11. Jon says:

    Just beat the 5pm deadline! I do like all of Daisy’s picks, but in an effort to be different…here are my selections.

    *Biltmore – Quality meat, good bistro sauce, awesome fries at a great neighborhood pub.
    *Stoddards – Love this place and everything about it, especially the burgers. Always cooked perfectly, bun is just right. Yum.
    *B Street Newton – This place is climbing my chart. Simple burger, delicious caramelized onions, toasted english muffin bun compliments and doesn’t hide the meat. And is always cooked perfectly.
    *Trinas Starlite – One of my favorite establishments in the Boston area. Can’t beat their prices and their burger is damn tasty too. Love getting the bucket of High Life ponies to wash it down.
    *Citizen’s Public House – Almost went with O’hara’s Pub in Newton, but couldn’t pass on Citizens. They use good quality meat, the fries are awesome, bun is slightly crisp and fluffy…its just right. The atmosphere and bartenders are awesome here. Be sure to sit at the bar and enjoy a mint julep or a whiskey ice ball!


  12. Pia Peters says:

    here are my five Burger places I like best
    1. Stars on the harbor in Hingham, excellent casual atmosphere

    2. Alma Nova hingham- great burger sitting at the bar

    3. Fireplace Brookline- Gourmet burger for a decent price

    4. Liberty Grill: basic burger with basic trimmings for an excellent price
    5. Washington Square tavern: Good selection, atmosphere OK

  13. Gillian says:

    1. Sel de la terre – extra points for the great rosemary fries
    2. Bristol Lounge – a little stuffy for a burger, but delish and such great service
    3. B. Good – great local beef
    4. Bartley’s – love the burger AND just reading the menu is an evening of entertainment
    5. Island Creek Oyster – you must get the fried oysters on top!

  14. jake says:

    British Beer Company
    Tasty Burger
    Burtons Grill
    Charlies in Cambridge
    Jerry Remys – I know you dont like it, but I do