Grafton Street

June 11th, 2011 by Richard Chudy

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It can be easy to forgive a few things; a slightly over-cooked burger, a less than perfect bun or a mediocre pickle, as long as the complete package works in the end. The reality is that it’s all about the flavor; bonus points for complete execution and a few carefully crafted “cheffy” tricks here and there. But to be solid, all you really need to is season up some beef, melt some cheese and call it a day. But the Grafton Street burger can’t do it, it’s simple, but to a fault. As Harold from Best Damn Buger and I soon discovered, the beef has little flavor and is way beyond the specified medium-rare. But it’s one of those burgers that probably would have been underwhelming either way, there just isn’t much character or personality in this burger. And as we all, know personality goes a long way.

The additions of aged Vermont Cheddar and sweet onion relish should be welcoming, but instead I have to send out a search party because I just don’t taste them anywhere. Individually, the flavor is there for these condiments (is cheese a condiment?) but the only flavors as a whole are charred, over-cooked beef. The fries are actually spot-on, crispy and salty, if not slightly cooler than I’d prefer. In many regards it’s a very typical burger; not properly cooked, not seasoned aggressively enough and overall plain and boring. It’s $11 which is all well and dandy, but completely forgettable in every sense of the word.

Overall Score: 72


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