Market (CLOSED)

July 22nd, 2011 by Richard Chudy

Am I crazy, or did I just eat a fantastic burger? Nine times out of ten, I don’t think twice about the burgers I eat, once I’m done I move on to the next one. I’m generally more excited for the burger I haven’t consumed yet, while still trying to respect the one in front of me. Too often it’s because they’re a bore; same ingredients, probably over-cooked, and less than the desired requirement of salt and pepper. The Market burger, for some reason without any fanfare whatsoever, takes the cliched burger and makes it as delicious as can be. Folks, we have a new contender on the Boston burger scene.

Truth be told, there aren’t too many fancy tricks on the Market burger, they really drive home the point of seasoning and execution. Funny, isn’t that what I’m constantly bitching and moaning about? The burger is made from ground sirloin, which in and of itself is pretty ordinary; but again, the chefs at Market take the basic burger ingredients and make it memorable, a lot of salt and pepper and attention to detail will do that. And it’s beautiful, with a nice crust on the exterior, and a perfect pink from end to end. No easy feat I assure you, if I could count the number of burgers that tasted great and each bite was the same throughout it’d be a pretty short list. But forget the execution for a minute, and let’s focus on the flavor. Despite the humble sirloin, the beef is robust, salty, and decadent, in a way that is almost unmatched in this city. It’s juicy, maybe not gushing down my chin, but I don’t always need that. Each bite is better than the next, and there’s really nothing like it.

Yuzu pickles and Russian dressing complement the burger, offering the tang and slight change in flavor profile that again, make this burger unique while still honoring the burger code. The cheddar cheese is actually prominent, but of course, I could always use more. A fairly standard sesame seed bun tops the burger, probably a wise choice since most homemade buns are rarely a good fit. This bun holds its structure, I might have preferred a little more character, but it’s a safe choice and not a mistake at all. The fries are on point; deep with potato flavor, there’s literally nothing to complain about. Hopefully the Market burger starts to gain some momentum because it deserves it. $14 at lunch and $16 during dinner, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find many burgers in Boston that have the depth of flavor and all the desirable beef elements in any great burger. This, my friends, is a great burger.

Overall Score: 93

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  1. This place is the best, I love the blue cheese burger!