Kingston Station

September 30th, 2011 by Richard Chudy

The only good thing to come out of my experience at Kingston Station was my first experience using Level Up, I was surprised at the ease to which I was able to pay via my new favorite App, and even more surprised when I scanned through the numerous locations I had the option of checking out. Kingston Station had been on my short list for some time, and I eagerly ventured there with the promise of an exceptional burger. Maybe that was my first mistake; it’s unfair to rule out a place based on vibe and service, but suffice to say the lackluster service and rugged atmosphere were the first hint of a dull burger to come. Dull can sometimes be spun into “classic,” sometimes it’s all you want for a burger, and generally what I covet most. Ordinary wasn’t even the real problem here, with so many fundamental errors it’s hard to even imagine how this burger is so beloved, and for $15 it was even more egregious. An off day? Please, this one offered almost no hope.

If you could handpick all the traditional errors on any given day for any given burger, this would be the one. Stale Bun? Check. Over-cooked, terribly under-seasoned beef? Check. Giant piece of flavorless Iceberg lettuce? Check. Over-cooked, stale and salt-less fries? Check. Rubbery bacon? Check. What more would you like to know? Usually a couple of tweaks (ie salt and pepper) can cure most burger ailments, but the burger at Kingston Station offered no hint of future satisfaction. The bun, half frozen and crumbly, was the first error, and paired with very bland beef with barely any juiciness to it, I knew this was going to be a hard one to recover from. The fries were interesting, seemingly crispy at first, they just became harder and harder throughout the meal. They reminded me of those rolls at Bertucci’s, kind of good at the start of a meal, then rock hard by the end. Easy to decipher, the fries were obviously previously cooked and re-fried, or worse, re-warmed.

I almost don’t feel like wasting a ton of time on this review, was this a complete anomaly? Is the¬†Kingston Station burger supposed to be great or was I misinformed? An uncommon time that I didn’t even bother to finish my burger or my fries, I might have to come back just to confirm that I’m not completely crazy. It may look sexy, but this was a big, big letdown.

Overall Score: 59



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  1. Andy C says:

    Wow I’m shocked. Honestly I’ve been waiting with anticipation for you to get around to Kingston Station because it’s one of my favorite burgers in the city, and I’m no strangers to the cities offerings. I’ve had off-nights there before, maybe when it’s good it’s great and when it’s bad it’s…this. When I’ve had it the fries come out piping hot, well salted, and the addition of crispy rosemary usually offers something a little different from run of the mill fry accompanyment. Sorry to hear you got a dud but I wouldn’t give up all hope on it, I’ve been blown away by them before.