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The Sunset Grill

October 18th, 2011 by Richard Chudy

Much loved by unsuspecting co-eds, much loathed by everyone else, The Sunset Grill boasts one of the most extensive beer lists anywhere in Boston, while serving some of the most mediocre food in town. It’s hell on earth with a good beer selection. I suppose most people don’t come here to eat, and it’s hard to argue with the overwhelming options of imbibery. The burgers are steamed in beer, self-described as “famous” to “preserve its optimal flavor and juices.” But if you start with mundane ground sirloin you’re probably going to end up with mundane sirloin, no matter how much beer you steam it in. Luckily, the burgers are relatively cheap; $6 will get you a hamburger, but why stop there, most add-on’s are around $1, and the fries come a la carte for another $2. Still in the under $10 category, although I’m not so sure that makes much of a difference here.  continue reading »

The Lamb Burger

October 14th, 2011 by Richard Chudy

While I haven’t ventured much into the world of recipe writing and burger development, when I was contacted by Boston Chefs and the American Lamb Board to create a recipe using a leg of lamb, I couldn’t turn it down. Sure, the possibilities of cooking with a leg of lamb are pretty endless; marinating, rubbing, braising, grilling and on and on, but grinding up that beautifully marbled meat and turning it into a burger seemed like a no-brainer. Since it’s pretty much all beef all the time at Boston Burger Blog, I ask, where’s the love for lamb burgers? Yeah am I looking at you, Boston restaurants. Lamb is often labeled as “too gamey,” I call it too much flavor, and that’s not a problem in my book*. (*book pending)

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