November 7th, 2011 by Richard Chudy

I’m done with expectations, the next time I hear great things about a supposed great burger I’m going to ignore it. The problem with mostly eating burgers is that in the case of a higher end restaurant, the burger is a perfect barometer to judge any future meals at the same establishment. Fair or unfair, if they can’t properly cook a burger, what hopes do they have to cook any other dish? Served only at the bar, the Bergamot burger is rumored to be a beef blend consisting of marrow and brisket, but it was so salty and cooked so poorly I could have been eating a turkey burger. Ironically, we waited close to an hour for what was promised to be a very thin, medium cooked, and incredibly juicy burger. For such a slim patty, which should have taken mere moments to cook, the wait was far too long, but that’s what happens when you’re banished to the bar, our backs turned to the rest of the dining room.

The bartender described our burger as being “similar to In-N-Out,” and would be one of the juiciest burgers we’d ever have. Quite the build-up, too bad it couldn’t deliver. What we (finally) received was a pencil thin patty topped with far too many greens that were beyond overdressed, and all sandwiched between a house-made Milk Bun that easily weighed over a pound on its own. The burger was seemingly rushed, despite us waiting for far too long, it had no sear, no crust and was basically raw in the middle. The only flavors to come through were salt and salad dressing. Yes, salad dressing, as the overdressed greens became an overdressed burger, and a pool of vinegar and oil camped out on the corner of my plate. Juiciness? Not a chance, but greasiness? Absolutely.

The bun is a borderline disaster, I guess I can appreciate the homemade approach, but it tastes like a stale biscuit, and is at least ten times too big for the paltry burger. A tomato-bacon aioli is promised, as is cheese, but neither can stand up to the massive bun, and the oily/salty burger. French Fries are once again in the McDonald’s mold, which are very satisfying and well seasoned, if not, once again, very uninspired. Needless to say this burger just didn’t do it for me, and for $12 it was completely unremarkable and fairly unpleasant. Another poor burger mixed in with potential chef greatness, although it might be tough to convince me to come back.

Overall Score: 60


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