Casey’s Diner

March 27th, 2012 by Richard Chudy

Photo by Katie Barszcz

Stepping out of my comfort zone from the fancy and upscale to the rugged and humble, I ventured over to Casey’s Diner in Natick with some fellow burger enthusiasts to experience a burger as simple as you can get. Walking into Casey’s is like a time-warp; with about eight seats at the counter, seating is limited, and the option of grabbing your meal from the take-out window is available too. Hot Dogs and Burgers are the focus here, and you can smell them a mile away. But I’m a burger guy (shocking I know) and only having a few minutes to eat, I was carefully instructed to order a burger with onions cooked into the patty, and don’t forget about the bacon. What they do to the onions and bacon is what makes this burger; reminiscent of White Hut, it’s all about the crust, the grease and the simplicity, the beef is not the star but it really doesn’t matter.

It’s a small burger and it costs around $3, but they don’t serve fries, so if you’re looking to be stuffed you’ll probably have to order a couple of burgers or one of their signature hot dogs, the choice is yours. The bacon is carefully chopped and pressed into the patty, so you end up with bits of bacon running throughout the burger and that makes me happy. The onions are essentially treated the same way; chopped up and encased into the patty. Both condiments give the burger a fantastic crunch to an already crispy burger, all because it’s cooked on a griddle that probably hasn’t been cleaned in about thirty years. But that’s not a bad thing, it’s a greasy delight that fancier burger joints can’t claim.

Of course, there us such a thing as too greasy, and the Casey’s Burger is borderline too greasy. It’s that tricky play on “juiciness versus greasiness,” as a novice burger enthusiast might mistake an ungodly amount of grease as one juicy burger, this one falls somewhere in the middle. The bun is a very standard white grocery store bun that is ever so gently kissed by the griddle, giving it a small amount of crunch. Melted American Cheese is obvious but it melts perfectly, thus adding another layer of creaminess and fat. The beef is ordinary, but for $3 does it really matter? The unique crust via the bacon and onions are extraordinary, and enough to make a trip to Casey’s Diner more than worthy. Delay the diet for another day, eat a couple of greasy burgers and be happy for what it is, you won’t be sorry.

Overall Score: 86


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