March 19th, 2012 by Richard Chudy

Oh, Griddlers, you give my dearly beloved Griddled Burger style a bad name. Even though I’m fully aware that sometimes not all burgers have to be gourmet to be good, a place like Griddlers comes along and sort of makes my point about the “expensive” burgers. Often, the cheap burgers are just that; cheap, all grease and no substance, but maybe that’s all that we crave for our burgers. Me, I want a little more, even if that means breaking down something that’s a little less flattering and showing a hell of a lot less finesse in a food category that should be lowbrow all the way. There are numerous examples of quality burgers for an affordable price, but this is not one of them. Better suited to the confines of a drive-through than the upscale surroundings of Beacon Hill, this was a miss, and the very infrequent occasion where we didn’t even finish the burger.

The burgers range from the very simple (with or without cheese, $4) to the slightly more than simple (pickled cherry peppers, bbq sauce, fried egg, $5) for a single patty, and costing an extra $2 for an additional patty. Fries and onion rings are a la carte ($3 each) and ¬†are about as exciting as the bland, thin and flavorless burgers. The single patty is very small, all of four ounces and it feels even smaller. It’s one of those odd burgers that is all grease but no juice, and keep dreaming if you think this burger had any flavor or seasoning to speak of. Also absent were the bacon and special sauce that were supposed to be included in my burger. It’s all nestled into a Martin’s Potato Roll, normally a quality choice but somehow the bun is stale, rubbery and reminiscent of crappy hot dog buns from High School cafeteria’s. Waffle Fries are a nice change of pace, but a product that very clearly originated from the freezer is a let-down, spiced with a quasi-Cajun spice blend, they are fluffy but inferior.

The beef at Griddler’s is neutral, it’s a sad burger that has nothing redeeming about it. A quick, cheap fix? Sure, but if you hold your burgers to even a slightly higher standard, you can get the same results at your neighborhood McDonald’s. And if that’s not enough to sway you from visiting, I don’t know what will.

Overall Score: 55

2 Responses

  1. johnk says:

    I just came here to get your thoughts on Griddler’s, so imagine my surprise… A brand new post!

    I hated that burger. Terrible. The coated, waffle-cut fries were good (I’m not above frozen fries— I much prefer them to soggy-assed “hand-cut” fries any day), as was the special sauce, but that burger really sucked balls. It had the same off-putting, foul taste as beef from Shaw’s. I don’t know if it’s the type of beef or the cuts included. All I know is that it was pretty wretched. And smoke from that burned, wretched beef filled the place, sending me home smelling like ass.

    Unless someone can convince me the hot dogs are better than Speed’s, I won’t be heading back. And just what the hell is a chowder dog?

    • Michael W says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. If you still have the hankering for a great griddled burger stop by Slate Bar and Grill. It won’t disappoint!!!!