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April 24th, 2012 by Richard Chudy


Photo by Katie Barszcz

I wouldn’t say Wahlburgers is hyped so much as it is interesting and talked about. We all know the story; Chef Paul Wahlberg is the brother of the famous Mark Wahlberg, (you could throw Donny into the mix too) and just like everybody else, they wanted to open up a burger joint. I wouldn’t say they are just trying to cash in on their name, but of course it’s all part of the gimmick and the reason why some might check it out to begin with. I can’t say I blame you, curiosity got the better of me too. I was dubious at first, but after reading this review, my expectations increased ever so slightly. I would love to take this opportunity to shoot down the notion that I only like “expensive” burgers. We’ve talked about that before and I will certainly talk about that again, but expensive means different things to different people. True, some of my favorite burgers (Craigie on Main, $18, Back Bay Social Club, $23) are exceptionally pricey but worth (almost) every penny. But the majority of my favorites land somewhere in the cheap to affordable spectrum (The Avenue, $8, The Gallows, $10, JM Curley, as cheap as $10.50) and while Wahlburgers is respectable, it is not in the same ballpark as the top burgers in the city. Of course, Hingham isn’t exactly “in the city” so you could make the argument that it’s a stand out in the South Shore, but fair or unfair, I’m comparing it to the other burgers I’ve had, most of which have been in the city. continue reading »

Citizen Pub

April 19th, 2012 by Richard Chudy

There’s always been something slightly off about Citizen Pub for me; a seemingly hip place with a great Whiskey list, I know many who adore it but I always found the service to be lackluster and the food and cocktails uninspired and painfully ordinary. A great effort and with past dishes and meals, it was serviceable but just a notch below similar restaurants in the city. I’ve been after their burger for a while; however, it’s always looked great as it passes through the dining room and I’ve received more than a few email endorsements on its behalf. The description of the burger on the menu doesn’t do it justice, and that’s a compliment. Simply listed as “Ground Sirloin Burger, local Cheddar or English Stilton, Golden Fries, $14,” makes it sound ordinary. But make no mistake about it, this is one beefy and delicious burger. continue reading »


April 13th, 2012 by Richard Chudy

Hillstone has a vintage feel; part of a chain of restaurants that includes Houston’s, it sits right in Faneuil Hall but is far more appealing on the exterior and the interior than many of the tourist-trap establishments surrounding it. $16 will buy you a burger, seemingly of the straight-forward variety, consisting of cheddar, tomato, lettuce and onion. It’s freshly ground Chuck on a homemade bun, and you guessed it, another Big Mac model. It makes sense, it’s a riff on the most popular burger in the world, but not as cleverly done as I’d like it to be. If you think about it, most burgers these days are different versions of the fast food model, after all that’s where it all started. But the missed opportunity here was the chance to elevate that classic burger, start with beef and add the usual condiments, but why not try to spin them in a unique direction instead of just re-hashing what we’ve already consumed a billion (trillion?) times over. But maybe that’s not the name of the game at Hillstone, it speaks to the classic look of the restaurant and they aren’t out to re-create the burger wheel.¬† continue reading »