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August 6th, 2012 by Richard Chudy

A genuinely nice place is the simplest way to describe the friendly staff and vibe at the newly re-constructed Strip-T’s in Watertown. It’s become a love affair for local media types recently because it certainly is a newsworthy story. But is it just a product of media and blogger hype or is Strip-T’s truly home to one of the better restaurants in Boston? Impossible to say in full disclosure, since above and beyond all other food categories, the hamburger, and the search for the best of the best in Boston, is what I’m after. On this being my first visit, expectations were high and much to my delight, the Strip T’s burger delivers. Working in their favor is the more than affordable $12 price tag at lunch (it jumps to $15 for dinner) which only adds a few bonus points into the mix.  continue reading »