December 5th, 2012 by Richard Chudy

There’s something to be said for the unexpected burger. Sure, you can walk in to just about any pub, fast food place or middle of the road restaurant and order a burger and be reasonably sure of what to expect in size, flavor and price. At Posto in the Davis Square neighborhood of Somerville, the pizza is the star attraction, along with a healthy dose of all things Italian-American. Normally if/when I order a burger at a place that doesn’t specialize in burgers it feels as if I’m ordering off the kids menu. While I may have received a few glances in my direction that screamed, “what are you a moron? Why did you order a burger at a pizza place?”  The end result turned out to be a very delicious and exceedingly enjoyable burger. 

The Pork Steak Burger is a $15 behemoth of a meal, nicely presented on a cutting board complete with a large cone of rosemary sea salt fries, housemade pickles and the always amusing ramekin of Heinz ketchup. The burger is sandwiched between the hit-or-miss Brioche, which works in its favor this time, despite being a tad on the crumbly side and a hair too large, it does a great job of being a wall to the inevitable juices and traps them all in. The blend of short ribs, sirloin and pork is one of the more flavorful burger blends I’ve come across. The pork is not as predominant a component as I would have hoped for, however, it does lend a good deal of fat that makes the burger (along with the fatty short rib) if it is largely undetectable on its own. The patty is beautifully cooked, medium-rare to rare all the way through, it’s very juicy and has a distinct and powerful meaty flavor profile. It’s well seasoned, and the accompanied roasted tomatoes and arugula add both texture and acidity and give the burger a nice quasi-Italian flair. The cheddar is melted, gooey and has a presence without taking anything away from the meat. The fries are flawed, very salty and limp. They are perfumed with fresh rosemary but can’t hold a candle to the burger.

For $15 the Posto burger isn’t exactly a steal, but I enjoyed it far more than the pizza, which is what they are known for. Sometimes a great burger can be in a place where you least expect it. Let them make fun of you for not ordering “what you’re supposed to,” but enjoy the benefits of a very enjoyable burger.

Overall Score: 86 

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