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Foundry on Elm

February 27th, 2013 by Richard Chudy


Just upstairs and affiliated with Saloon, Foundry on Elm is the prototypical gastropub with a New England flair. And like any good gastropub, there is a burger on the menu. The ‘Foundry Chef’s Burger‘ is a $15 behemoth boasting grass-fed chuck, bacon jam, blue cheese, house BBQ sauce, shaved dill pickles and pickled red onion. You can sort of sense the problems early on, and if you’re like me, you think about and predict what the burger will taste like before you even sink your teeth into it. In this case it looks like too many ingredients, many of which are strongly flavored, and it more or less does not come together.  continue reading »


February 21st, 2013 by Richard Chudy


I wish I could say I felt badly for the slider, but truth be told, rarely are they ever very good. Too often they are mass-produced in large-scale catering events, or they are a forgotten menu item receiving surprisingly little attention from chefs and diners alike. Best case scenario a slider is a delectable couple of beefy bites, tempting you to want even more than the three mini burgers that are usually offered. But the worst case scenario, one that most of us are accustomed to, yields three dry and flavorless balls of meat, sometimes beef, sometimes a combination of pulled pork, chicken and beef but usually mediocre at best. What always amuses me is when people order an appetizer of sliders because they don’t want or think they can eat an entire burger. But the reality is that three little burgers can often be the equivalent if not a larger amount of food than just ordering one single burger. Oh well. After visiting Saloon in Davis Square once before for a few libations and bites I had been intrigued by the “trio of grass-fed sliders” which ironically enough are listed in the entree section and not the expected appetizer corner. Saloon does not offer a full-size burger, and having never reviewed sliders before on this site, I thought it would be a suitable choice. A simple yet upscale combination of bone marrow, wild mushrooms and pickled shallots are the listed ingredients, and priced at $15 it’s in that sweet spot for what would normally be an appropriately priced burger of this caliber.  continue reading »