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April 30th, 2013 by Richard Chudy


Just like the days of a “chicken in every pot” there seems to be a “burger on every menu.” But that’s not a complaint; I’d be out of words long ago if eight out of ten restaurants didn’t serve some form of beef in bun locally. BoMA, open since October, is mere steps away from The Gallows, home of one the better burgers around, and similar in structure in the realm of GastroPubs. It’s tough entering the burger market around here: do something different and you risk alienating the purists, but keep it too mainstream and you’re just one of the same. Ultimately it can be risk-reward; the better burgers are able to stick their neck out even just a little to differentiate themselves, while still keeping it as close to the traditional as possible. On paper, BoMA appears to be right in the middle of the norm and the different. continue reading »