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Union Bar and Grille

May 21st, 2013 by Richard Chudy


It’s hard to say whether or not Union Bar and Grille is still a reliable food destination. It’s a shiny space with a comfortable bar setting, and that’s exactly where I found myself on a recent outing. It’s surely an enjoyable place to sip on a few cocktails, leisurely wasting the day away in the process. The burger certainly sounds appealing, as the “Prime Chuck Burger with smoked tomato remoulade with cheddar, bacon and fries” feels appropriately priced at $14.75. After placing our order, we waited, and waited, then waited some more for the food before it finally arrived. continue reading »


May 7th, 2013 by Richard Chudy


Simplicity with a burger is usually a good thing, but it can get tricky. It can go from looking appealing on paper with unnecessary overly complicated ingredients if done with too much ambition, to plain and boring if left with too blank a canvas. The short of it is a great burger need not be too involved but if you’re going the easy route, you better bring it. Silvertone, known as an industry hot spot because it’s open until 2am, isn’t the prettiest gal on the block, especially in the light of day. The Silvertone burger is a very straight-forward, $10, 10 ounce patty with your choice of cheese and a side of fries. continue reading »

Food Truck Throwdown 2013

May 2nd, 2013 by Richard Chudy

When I was contacted by the folks behind the Food Truck Throwdown to be a judge this year, it was pretty much a no-brainer. For the second year in a row, it’s a chance for the food trucks in Boston to compete against some of the best food trucks in New York. A Boston versus New York rivalry? Now where have I seen that before… Regardless, I’m looking forward to a fun day filled with great food, the event is free to the public so I hope to see you there. As an added bonus, I’ve been contacted by a few of the Boston trucks to share some of their signature dishes, all made with Maker’s Mark, enjoy!

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Bourbon Peach Melt

with Brie, Maker’s Mark ™ Bourbon-Peach marmalade, crispy bacon

8 Peaches, Quartered

Quarter cup brown sugar
1 and a half cup Maker’s Mark ™ bourbon
Quarter of a diced red onion
One sprig chopped tarragon
Six slices of center cut bacon
Six slices of white bread, preferably sourdough
One pound of triple cream brie, sliced around a quarter inch thick
Quarter cup mayonnaise

Cook bacon on medium heat in frying pan until crispy. Cool, rough chop.

For the Maker’s Mark ™ Bourbon-Peach Marmalade:
Quarter and pit peaches. Saute onions til tender. Once tender, add peaches. Saute until soft. De-glaze with Maker’s Mark ™ bourbon. Add brown sugar, cook down on low for ten minutes. Remove from heat, add chopped tarragon, let cool.

For the Grilled Cheese:
Apply a thin layer of mayonnaise, not butter, to one side of each slice of bread. Over low medium heat in a frying pan, lay bread down with the mayo side down touching the griddle. Apply brie, marmalade, and chopped bacon. Once topped, close sandwich. Flip as needed until golden brown. continue reading »