May 7th, 2013 by Richard Chudy


Simplicity with a burger is usually a good thing, but it can get tricky. It can go from looking appealing on paper with unnecessary overly complicated ingredients if done with too much ambition, to plain and boring if left with too blank a canvas. The short of it is a great burger need not be too involved but if you’re going the easy route, you better bring it. Silvertone, known as an industry hot spot because it’s open until 2am, isn’t the prettiest gal on the block, especially in the light of day. The Silvertone burger is a very straight-forward, $10, 10 ounce patty with your choice of cheese and a side of fries.Arriving was the prototypical pub burger, complete with an abundance of lettuce, tomato and red onion, it looks like a good majority of burgers out there. But of course this probably isn’t the place or burger to live out your most wacky culinary fantasies; it’s cliched comfort food and sometimes that’s not such a bad thing. The burger, more on the medium than medium-rare side of the equation, had a clear backyard burger feel. Grill marks appeared without a lot of crust on the actual patty, and very subtle hints of char helped push the beef from average to just above average in the meatiness department. The cheddar cheese, fully melted and creamy, engulfed the patty as best it could and despite being an ordinary cheddar, was more pronounced than the good majority of claims of sharp Vermont cheddar at all the wannabe’s out there. The salt and juiciness levels were solid, just shy of the ideal but easily ahead of the curve. The burger has a very familiar and welcome flavor profile, simple but satisfying without a lot of bells and whistles. I like to think of it as a second cousin of Eastern Standard, Highland Kitchen or Miracle of Science in that after pushing aside unwanted lettuce, tomato and onion, it’s a basic burger with cheese and nothing else needed. Generally these are the hardest burgers to make successfully because there’s just no place to hide. The quality of the Silvertone burger isn’t as special as the aforementioned, but in its most primitive of ways it’s almost as enjoyable. French fries are slightly thick, golden and have a great salt level although they are a bit dense. The bun is a soft, Kaiser hybrid that is the right size if not overly bready.

There is definitely value with the Silvertone burger; for $10 you can’t expect a gourmet blend or crazy toppings, but that’s just fine with me. It may not be a home run of a burger because it’s almost too easy for its own good, but sometime there’s nothing wrong with a stand-up double.

Overall Score: 81

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