The Podcast..

September 12th, 2013 by Richard Chudy


Did you know we’ve been doing a Podcast over at The Skinny Beet for a few months now? The Skinny Beet is of course the catering and personal chef business that my wife and I own. We’ve partnered up with the great folks over at Tell me something to talk the latest food trends, restaurant news and all things local during our podcasts which we record a couple of times a month in Brighton. We have had the absolute pleasure of talking with local radio personalities, private chefs, restaurant chefs, food bloggers, bartenders and food truck owners and have had a great, relaxed time doing them. If you’re curious you can find us on iTunes and if you are a chef, writer, photographer, restaurant owner or anyone with a strong opinion about the local food scene, we’d love to have you on, you can email me: Cheers!

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