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Abby Lane

November 12th, 2013 by Richard Chudy


Nestled in Boston’s Theater District, Abby Lane is one of three restaurants run by “celebrity” chef Jason Santos. Probably known more for his blue hair and appearance on Hell’s Kitchen a few seasons ago than his food, Santos used to run the popular and unique Gargoyle’s on the Square before it shuttered not long ago. The room at Abby Lane is bright and clean, and about two-thirds empty on a recent lunch visit, although things seemed to have picked up after walking past the restaurant closer to dinner time in subsequent walk-by’s. The menu is pretty traditional, appealing to the masses with minor twists and turns. Three burgers are on the menu, nothing too extravagant but appealing nonetheless. I opted for the namesake, The Abby Burger, with the promise of a burger topped with smoked gouda, horseradish mayo, fried red onions, crispy fries and dill pickles. continue reading »

The Boston Burger Blog App is here!!!

November 12th, 2013 by Richard Chudy

It’s been in the works and a project I’ve wanted to see through for a while now, but finally, the Boston Burger Blog App has arrived. It will show all recently written articles and reviews and includes a map, probably my favorite feature, which shows your current location and pins to nearby burgers that I have reviewed. Simply pull up the review to see what I thought and off you go! No more asking where the best burger is based on where you are or going to be, the app will take care of that for you. A huge thank you to Trent Hamilton who designed this for me, so download it now for your iPhone. It’s a free App so feel free to spread the word and happy burger eating!

The Independent

November 4th, 2013 by Richard Chudy

When given the choice, who really prefers a grass-fed burger? A grass-fed burger, much like any other burger, can be as great as it wants to be if treated correctly. But the grass-fed variety is often a little more difficult to nail because it is generally very lean, and hence, less flavorful in my mind. But then again, how often do we have a choice? At The Independent in Union Square,  you can get the most basic of burgers ($10) or supposedly upgrade to the grass-fed option ($14) according to my server. I was explained that if I like better flavored beef and my meat cooked rare to medium-rare then the grass-fed burger was the way. Dubious that there would even be a difference between the two and skeptical that the extra $4 would be worth it, I played their little burger game and went with the claimed superior product.
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