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Shake Shack

December 17th, 2013 by Richard Chudy


Has a burger ever been more polarizing? Shack Shack came to us (us being Chestnut Hill, Harvard Square to soon follow) via New York City where it is often touted as the best burger out there. But that of course is for those who love the fast-food, West Coast, thin and griddled style (think In-N-Out for a good comparison). Those who don’t love the thin style often believe it to be too simple, cheap and quite frankly, too much like McDonald’s to ever be in the great burger debate we all have to come to make. After having a few Shake Shack burgers in New York over the years, I’m a fan, but was still puzzled at subtle differences between locations since Danny Meyer is often hailed as the model restaurateur who preaches consistency as one of his main objectives. I avoided the Chestnut Hill location for a little while, wanting to avoid the massive lines for starters, but knowing I’d be back a couple of times regardless to check in on the supposed consistency with our one outpost. continue reading »