Burger Madness 2014

March 26th, 2014 by Richard Chudy


The 2014 Burger Madness tournament is upon us!! Last year, JM Curley edged Harvest and took down the crown of best burger in Boston as an overwhelming number of people voted throughout the 64-burger bracket. It wasn’t easy determining the burgers to be included, with so many great places out there I wanted to cover as much ground as possible. The rankings are based on a combination of burgers that I’ve had and liked, popularity and trends. The only burgers on this list that I haven’t reviewed for the blog are: Alden and Harlow and Drink. Alden and Harlow I have had but not reviewed and that will not be out just yet but I wanted to include it for obvious reasons. Drink I reviewed for Boston Magazine last year so I felt that deserved to be on the list. Otherwise, if I haven’t had it, it did not make the cut. Clearly this will spark some debate, and while a lot of thought went into it, a great deal of it is somewhat random as well, it’s not necessarily a run-down of the top 64 burgers in order but merely a reflection of what I like, what readers like and what people are talking about. Good luck to your favorite burger out there and let the games begin!! Please feel free to use the hashtag #burgermadness when referring to the bracket. Below is the full bracket, voting will begin in the first round starting tomorrow. Each round will be live for two days, then it’s onto the next…



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  1. James Levins says:

    Best burger in Boston=James Gate in JP