Boston Magazine’s The Cookout and two giveaways

July 31st, 2014 by Richard Chudy

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For the past couple of years Boston Magazine has held the Battle of the Burger, a fun night where chefs and restaurants compete for burger supremacy. This year I’m back for the second time as a judge for the home griller competition, where home cooks create their best burger and the winner gets all sorts of prizes and bragging rights. I’m thrilled to be back participating again this year in what they are now calling The Cookout. New this year is the addition of The Cue, a competition to see who has the best BBQ in the area plus ten local bartenders will be slinging some cocktails in their own competition. It’s two nights that are sure to be incredible, and I’m lucky enough to be able to do a giveaway for two general admission tickets each to both The Cue (which includes the mixologist portion) on August 12th and the Battle of the Burger on August 13th. So which one do you want to go to? Just comment below (only once please) telling me which event you’d rather go to and why and choose wisely. I will choose one winner for The Cue and one winner for the Battle of the Burger. For an extra chance to win please visit my Facebook page and Twitter account (with the hashtag #BigCue or #burgerbattle) and tell me which event you prefer. I’ll announce two winners on Tuesday, August 4th at random. Good luck and I hope to see you in August!!

14 Responses

  1. Chuck Latovich says:

    Would have a great time going to the burger event because I love burgers and really want to hang with the expert!

  2. Jen Rzasa says:

    Definitely Battle of the Burger! I’ve always wanted to check it out since I am a huge burger fanatic! My friends and I love doing our own burger crawls in Boston- we’ll visit a few different restaurants in one night and order burgers at each. Last time we ate 6 burgers! (We had to split some of them, lol). We were stuffed, but it was well worth it.

    I’d love to win to find out which other local burgers to eat, and would love to see the home cooks duke it out!

  3. Court says:

    The Cue… because drinks

  4. LAH_Yuna says:

    Burgers Burgers Burgers.

    It’s always amazing to see the new styles and techniques chefs are using to improve their craft. It would be a pleasure to attend the burger battle!

  5. Tim Nelson says:

    Battle of the Burger.. it’s my night off from thr bar!

  6. Craig Foster says:

    The Cue would be my #1 choice.

  7. Caroline says:

    How do you go about submitting for the home griller competition? Would love to do that next year if it’s too late for this one. Gotta pretty sweet recipe under my belt. Already have my burger tickets – huge fan of your blog so will definitely be checking out that competition!

    • Not sure, Caroline, think they had it on their website for a while leading up to it. See you there!

      • Caroline says:

        Ahh, maybe next year. Thanks. My fiance and I are huge fans of your blog by the way. You are always right on! JM Curley, Toro, Craigie, and Back Bay Social are our absolute favs. Hope to meet you at the event!

  8. Umami Breath says:

    Cue-licious! BBQ & booze on the Boston harbor appeals to me on so many levels – greasy & smoky tender Q with a buzz and a view. C’est magnafique!

  9. lei ann says:

    i’ve actually been to the battle of the burger before! it was glorious, but my stomach & i barely survived, hahaha! i’d like to try the ‘cue battle because my husband LOVES him some BBQ. we spent a week in tennessee last summer & it’s ALL we ate 🙂

  10. KristineG40 says:

    Ahhhh I am struggling here! I absolutely love burgers AND booze so how do I decide??? I was a bartender for 10+ years so having lived through ‘Cocktail’ I must opt for the burger bonanza on August 13th! I will be sure to blast out the #burgerbattle on FB and Twitter. Look for tweets from @kris_architect

  11. K.Ironside says:

    I’d really love to attend the burger bonanza on August 13th, which happens to be my Birthday. 32 turned out to be a pain in the butt of a year so here’s to hoping 33 is luckier. What better way to start out on the right foot than at a burger competition. Enough said. Cheers!

  12. Mike says:

    Battle of the burger for sure! Tasting 20 burgers at once place sounds amazing.